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This user scammed


"Initially requested to borrow an item then requested it be used for a giveaway (which he never held) and refused to return it before deleting his Discord account and all the messages he sent to the user who lent him the item."



Please do not abuse the rep system, thanks!

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Square Milly rock 30th Jul 2019
RareWasay This Or That pee pee poo poo im peee pee poo 30th Jul 2019
nan complete asshole, steals people's items/bits/bucks. never trust him 30th Jul 2019
womp Scammer™ 30th Jul 2019
hIGHtRUEwILLIAMbust3r83 the Scam Report says it all 30th Jul 2019
Duolingo- Don’t trust anyone with your items 30th Jul 2019
Crypion An example of a true asshole, never trust him with anything. The only reason he has any sort of reputation whatsoever is because he brown-noses trusted people 21st Aug 2019
SirStephen scammer but cool lolo 1st Oct 2019
T-J Has changed and is a chill dude 1st Oct 2019
oczy31 i thought you changed 1st Oct 2019
Awesome Faic I'm going to say the N word 2nd Oct 2019
Muke legit middleman 2nd Oct 2019
[Deleted809] Good trader. 2nd Oct 2019
Fabulous Epic gamer 2nd Oct 2019
Rstf I guess we can give him a second chance. 2nd Oct 2019
Dsc Hes back 2nd Oct 2019
Fault not a poo poo head. 2nd Oct 2019
Dappernaut idk him 2nd Oct 2019
sovietrussia he is big boy 2nd Oct 2019
Triumph ##### 2nd Oct 2019
Forsaken fuck bias BHT he is not a scammer 2nd Oct 2019
devoly i love him owo 2nd Oct 2019
Remember Not a scammer wtf 2nd Oct 2019
Rust nice and girthy cock i heard 2nd Oct 2019
Spinda 19th positive almost 20 2nd Oct 2019
EggHunter nice user 2nd Oct 2019
Eden whip whip hit the nae nae 2nd Oct 2019
Whisper do the stanky leg do the stanky leg 3rd Oct 2019
Dababy only scammer with positive rep 3rd Oct 2019
p3el you liar........ 5th Oct 2019
Crypting. doesn't scam 5th Oct 2019
phantomofdeath He's chill now and doesn't scam. 5th Oct 2019
michael575 The people who are still calling him a scammer are haters and they’re trying to get a reaction from him. 5th Oct 2019
Domination I sold him a clan and he didn't scam 5th Oct 2019
Lilith michael575 asked me to rep him and he also welcomed me to BH today 5th Oct 2019
[Deleted2956] I owned a clan with him in 2017 5th Oct 2019
Ralsei u had a ralsei pfp :3 5th Oct 2019
transmit He’s cool! 5th Oct 2019
smellie good user 5th Oct 2019
Oblongl Hot boi 6th Oct 2019
bulba_saur ok... 6th Oct 2019
apoliet astronuga insert nice text 6th Oct 2019
1ik_ cool person, they wanna be my friend for some reason 14th Oct 2019
Kyubi he gave away his currency. hes awesome. 14th Oct 2019
USA Barack Obama Not a scammer at all! If I knew him before, he would be a great choice for my left hand, thosoe words are coming from a past president of the United States! 15th Oct 2019
rebegga spammed me with false reputations on alts 16th Oct 2019
hangman Gross titties. Made me throw up at the sight of them. 1/10. 16th Oct 2019
Amari Man rip my mini mod but good user 28th Apr 2020
69_0 Cool dude with the headless head 15th May 2020
worIdstar very chill 19th May 2020
[Deleted17784] EXTREMELY nice user, gave me 200 8th Jun 2020