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SilverCraft He gave me 34665848545496548 Bits he should be in the top 5 richest 9th Aug 2019
Charlie hes cool 11th Aug 2019
Triumph Good friend. 4th Sep 2019
Talveka hella cool and honest person :] 4th Sep 2019
get sniped noon cool and 4th Sep 2019
EggHunter epic epic 4th Sep 2019
Aidaan Really epic 13th Sep 2019
cylito epic gamer 22nd Sep 2019
smellie Mildly attacks people, but is way better than angi. 5th Oct 2019
T-J Nice dude imo, when I've talked to him he has been nice. 6th Oct 2019
apoliet astronuga hes too fast and i cant catch up 6th Oct 2019
fighterfist Deserves a chance to change, people are too hateful 6th Oct 2019
2008 He's making great deals and a very good trader 6th Oct 2019
[Deleted133579] Good person 6th Oct 2019
Gritty hes nice 6th Oct 2019
Nice try chill 6th Oct 2019
343 ------- 6th Oct 2019
angi your a good person, advises me NOT to attack people. #ACCEPT THE CHANGE 7th Oct 2019
sovietrussia nice guy and why are people being hateful of him :( 13th Oct 2019
1ik_ very cool person 14th Oct 2019
Lip good dude 30th Apr 2020
Tw1st Great guy! 24th May 2020
Winar good user 26th May 2020
zss amazing person and probably one of the coolest people on the site 5th Jun 2020
Uproar cool, funny, nice & a great user in general 3rd Jul 2020
Amari Dude i know this guy on discord hes cool 11th Sep 2020
LEGO iron man eppppppppppicccccccccccccccccccccc 9th Oct 2020
xxr Thanks for letting me borrow you're lamborghini and letting me use you're yacht last week lol 9th Oct 2020
MrFire Good friend, had a lot of funny moments with them 20th Oct 2020