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"Although this user returned the bucks in the end, they still claimed to have been cookie logged by an IP logger, in which they transferred their items to an alternative account, which they had then asked for donations off of unsuspecting users who helped them out."



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20XX sans is coming to smash 11th Sep 2019
andrelewis910 holy hes coming 11th Sep 2019
blocks Good person 14th Sep 2019
Aidaan Good Person 15th Sep 2019
Build good guy, has some emotional issues 22nd Sep 2019
EggHunter Nice user 23rd Sep 2019
british trap He gave me negative 23rd Sep 2019
Huge spams my trades to get fool's money bag 30th Sep 2019
Richlist Nice guy I guess 3rd Oct 2019
L0L. hes a good person and trader 3rd Oct 2019
3L1T3 Why so much hate? He's made some bad choices so what? He's getting better. 3rd Oct 2019
Oblongl He is a hot man 5th Oct 2019
Xample good guy, has some emotional issues x2 5th Oct 2019
phantomofdeath good guy that gets sharked all the time :( 5th Oct 2019
p3el first person who introduce me to trading stuff 5th Oct 2019
koas username is facts 5th Oct 2019
BLRXY Gamer gamer gamer 5th Oct 2019
Tylorfoot he knows too much 6th Oct 2019
Dsc Very nice dude. 6th Oct 2019
zss can sometimes be a pain to trade with but overall a pretty cool guy and great trader 6th Oct 2019
Respoken very nice, helps people with trading 6th Oct 2019
cylito Good person 12th Oct 2019
Austraila amazing guy, added me to his epic gamers list. 14th Oct 2019
Jow Positive 15th Oct 2019
Mythical this user is pretty friendly and is always looking to help out with trades. 23rd Apr 2020
ethos Reformed user, and is a very lenient trader 23rd Apr 2020
Square Not a scammer. Really cool dude to meet and trade with 23rd Apr 2020
Shwimp An epic scammer. Positive rating :) 23rd Apr 2020
Cinemark good user, not good with scamming people 23rd Apr 2020
Hello bob hes nice 24th Apr 2020
Amari cool user 25th Apr 2020
Razzperri Good person 25th Apr 2020
Element Neon p cool guy 30th Apr 2020
z00 Cool guy, should remove the scammer role thoe 4th May 2020
saIe nice user 5th May 2020
Retri Gang Takes months to accept a trade but a pretty cool guy :D 13th May 2020
ProudforProud good but bad 14th May 2020
69_0 Fairly Chill guy 15th May 2020
Trippe Redd GETER PRIFFIN 16th May 2020
worIdstar dudes nice 17th May 2020
Tw1st Incredible accomplishment from about 10k to 112.2k, congratulations! Also he is not a scammer. 23rd May 2020
Windu He is one of the coolest guys I know on brick hill. He is also very nice 26th May 2020
Winter Although this user is on the scammer list he has changed quit a bit and is more mature sends decent trades 28th May 2020
Raddical Best trader in the universe imo 2nd Jun 2020
AminBackUp i haven't met this user but he has alot of Positives. 20th Jun 2020
Freak This user is not a scammer, they made a small mistake and ended up fixing it almost instantly. they do not deserve to be on the scammers list and are a good person. 20th Jun 2020
Tadzy This is a nice brick-hill user that has sure done a little scamming but that one time is in the past and he gave back, and is now a good person in the community. 22nd Jun 2020
Leander Nice trader and definitely not a scammer 22nd Jun 2020
exy This guy is chill, talking in discord overall a cool guy. 5th Jul 2020
Heavenly Luminati Pretty cool guy. 6th Jul 2020
BrickWolf Hates me for spitting out facts he was a scammer what else rep I should gave him idk why but here’s 1 + rep 29th Jul 2020
Martinator Whoever neg reps him gets a spankin. 5th Aug 2020
Sterncross This guy is a legend 30th Aug 2020