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"The scammer first gained trust by impersonating the victims friend, then the scammer asks to borrow an item from the victim; but at the end, the scammer doesn't return the special back as promised."



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Lilah per your request 24th Apr 2020
Hello bob how does he breathe 24th Apr 2020
tuna fish this man pooped on me 24th Apr 2020
[Deleted58133] bruhhhhhh 24th Apr 2020
1z5 Big noob 24th Apr 2020
jianyi1 joined before me and has more $$ >:( 24th Apr 2020
Talveka he wanted this - 24th Apr 2020
canonfire2000 he asked me for this rating 25th Apr 2020
Voyatoran ask for rep cringe 25th Apr 2020
sovietrussia big gay 25th Apr 2020
Juny Honest, he's a nice guy, most of the negative requests are because he asked people to give him, but he's a great guy if you've seen him before he got terminated. 25th Apr 2020
Lip epiccc 25th Apr 2020
transmit This guy is friendly but kinda poo 26th Apr 2020
Ghost Face too cool xd 27th Apr 2020
Nicolvsz brooo, kotlin is SO COOL 28th Apr 2020
chromatography Uncool, also a racist I believe. 30th Jul 2020
[Deleted287714] Scammed me out of a skull mask and then doxxed me and blackmailed me 29th Aug 2020
Clockson Good guy dont see why hes hated so much 31st Aug 2020
AwhAndrew You disgust me.... 24th May 2021