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avo making changes to improve bht and trading in general, very cool person 23rd Apr 2020
Domas very cool and nice ceo 23rd Apr 2020
economatic new epic ceo so very cool 23rd Apr 2020
transmit Bht improvements left and right! 23rd Apr 2020
Boricua Cool dude 23rd Apr 2020
Mythical He's quite the good owner for BHT and tries his best to make the site better with additional updates that the community ask for, although he's a bit childish at times with actions, he knows what's best to do for us too. 23rd Apr 2020
brick-techno epicc 24th Apr 2020
Leander Sold me rth for 300 bucks like a half a year ago 25th Apr 2020
HungrySlayer A really chill dude,I like him alot. 26th Apr 2020
535 lord of bht 27th Apr 2020
T-J Known them for a while, and being both a good trader and guy, he's also helping BHT grow being the new owner! Awesome dude 27th Apr 2020
blocks very cool bht owner 27th Apr 2020
Weed King hes kinda epic but kinda stinky jk jk jk jk he epicA! 27th Apr 2020
zss Good ceo 30th Apr 2020
Allure cool owner 30th Apr 2020
Cinemark don't know this guy very well but he seems good with BHT 1st May 2020
Trippe Redd Great! Looking forward to what he will do next. Good owner. 13th May 2020
Retri Gang Very nice guy, making BHT better 13th May 2020
Aidaan Has made BHT even better than it already was once he gained ownership! 14th May 2020
Respoken A nice boss, tries the best he can to improve bht. Pretty much what avo said 24th May 2020
Maldives Middle manned for an otherwise complex and potentially dangerous trade, very smooth and efficient procedure 26th May 2020
ScammerLeScamboMcLe spicy staff 1st Jun 2020
3L1T3 Lit dude, known him for a long time 3rd Jun 2020
ScammerLeeScamboMcLee Cool guys watched some videos 4th Jun 2020
Martinator ivo 2 12th Jun 2020
Aaron Hernandez cute discord photo 15th Jun 2020
BHT Testing Agent Very Sexy And Hot C E O 22nd Jun 2020
Andrew Snipes nothing bad to say here, only good things. 4th Jul 2020
BrickWolf Epic site I’ve been waiting for a leaderboard in brickhill epic and wealthy 27th Jul 2020
Flavour son of ivo is cool 12th Aug 2020