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Dsc Good guy 14th Oct 2019
vintaque funny videos 15th Oct 2019
cylito Cool person 15th Oct 2019
Avarice Cool guy 15th Oct 2019
legendarydino very epic dude 16th Oct 2019
pmace That's 13+ reputation 16th Oct 2019
Coder Thanks for the rep, 1ik. Here's a little something in return. 16th Oct 2019
Trying this is a very nice guy! 17th Oct 2019
Meat sauce Love your streams! 23rd Apr 2020
Shwimp seen him like 10x, he is cool. 23rd Apr 2020
Corporal Tank Dempsey Cool dude 24th Apr 2020
Xerox cool, i'll give +1 25th Apr 2020
SpookyStephen said he liked my videos and i like his :flushed: 25th Apr 2020
Weed King he good epic dude 27th Apr 2020
OSCAR BUILDS 1ik is a youtuber so this guys a youtuber i know cause i watch his vids and sub 28th Apr 2020
[Deleted245186] very nice to me and very COOL! 29th Apr 2020
Amari youtuber cool 29th Apr 2020
Mute c00l d00d. 30th Apr 2020
gamecubebro Yeah, you never met me but with all good actions, good things come back. 5th May 2020
MaxTheChicken Very nice and kind hearted guy 17th May 2020
a4y good youtuber 30th May 2020
Martinator Not a good person. He raided a server for no reason 12th Jun 2020
Real Plotagon Thanks for the +1 heres a +1 to you 13th Jun 2020
SilverCraft Best brick-hill youtuber! 30th Jul 2020
chromatography Raiding servers for no reason 6th Aug 2020
Sh_xr never met him. here's a +1 anyways 7th Sep 2020
Sixbane This user donated to me ;) +1 4th Nov 2020
floppa gang Good youtuber that makes great content. 2nd Dec 2020
drd cool guy good youtuber 3rd Dec 2020
pdog cool person and has a lot of royal crowns !! 2nd Jan 2021
Romancer this guy is kinda like that one youtuber 27th Apr 2021
Tadzy He's a really funny guy I can't lie. Good stuff my guy 6th Jul 2021
stoa bok owner (respect +) 26th Jul 2021
Somebody Important This guy is a literal Giga Chad 27th Jul 2021
R_ry surprisingly active 1st Aug 2021
Zompire He is actually a pretty funny youtuber. 1st Sep 2021
yoke nice guy + good youtuber 4th Sep 2021