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[Deleted18472] he is my busty bitch on this site 1st Oct 2019
ellie Extremely racist user, calls darker skinned people “monkeys”. 2nd Oct 2019
Dababy Extremely racist user, calls darker skinned people “monkeys”. 3rd Oct 2019
Anarchi Extremely racist user, calls darker skinned people "monkeys". 4th Oct 2019
Square Cool dude. Funny and people are dicks to him for using offensive humor. Lit guy 4th Oct 2019
Winter Nice user often often overpays on good trades great trader 4th Oct 2019
Oblongl Hot boy 4th Oct 2019
smellie ellie gang but positive 6th Oct 2019
bulba_saur -rep today 6th Oct 2019
transmit I’ve sent the police after him but nothing can stop this beautiful man 6th Oct 2019
koas 1ik x ellie 10th Oct 2019
british trap He shot my muke 10th Oct 2019
20XX donate me your specials 12th Oct 2019
sovietrussia our lord 12th Oct 2019
zss Bullied by Ellie 14th Oct 2019
Austraila hey guys whats up 14th Oct 2019
Triumph i killed his mother 14th Oct 2019
Dsc Good guy 14th Oct 2019
Micheal efsrhjbk,hurfsde7ghjugfdg 14th Oct 2019
Gritty funny man 14th Oct 2019
vintaque funny videos 15th Oct 2019
[Deleted133579] Ellie’s hot boyfriend. 15th Oct 2019
cylito Cool person 15th Oct 2019
Jow Cool guy 15th Oct 2019
hangman Man has the greatest titties known to man. 16th Oct 2019
Crypion h07 6uy 16th Oct 2019
legendarydino very epic dude 16th Oct 2019
pmace That's 13+ reputation 16th Oct 2019
Coder Thanks for the rep, 1ik. Here's a little something in return. 16th Oct 2019
Trying this is a very nice guy! 17th Oct 2019
Exptic “never met him/her. here's a +1 anyways” thanks for +1 23rd Apr 2020
Meat sauce Love your streams! 23rd Apr 2020
Shwimp seen him like 10x, he is cool. 23rd Apr 2020
Kenni tried to fuck me owo 23rd Apr 2020
NoobDev Extremely racist user, calls darker skinned people “monkeys”. 23rd Apr 2020
Sarcastics Negro LGBTQ+ Pro Trans user +rep 23rd Apr 2020
kahoolawe cutie 24th Apr 2020
Boricua Cool dude 24th Apr 2020
Xerox cool, i'll give +1 25th Apr 2020
SirStephen said he liked my videos and i like his :flushed: 25th Apr 2020
Weed King he good epic dude 27th Apr 2020
OSCAR BUILDS 1ik is a youtuber so this guys a youtuber i know cause i watch his vids and sub 28th Apr 2020
Trippe Redd very nice to me and very COOL! 29th Apr 2020
Amari youtuber cool 29th Apr 2020
dan is legendary nicee 29th Apr 2020
Freak c00l d00d. 30th Apr 2020
gamecubebro Yeah, you never met me but with all good actions, good things come back. 5th May 2020
Itzisaiah I like his vids maybe 10th May 2020
ProudforProud I feel bad for Slam Jam. Really should apologize to him. 27th May 2020
a4y good youtuber 30th May 2020
Vitality Proudforproud I think you messed up lol 1st Jun 2020
Martinator Not a good person. He raided a server for no reason 12th Jun 2020
Real Plotagon Thanks for the +1 heres a +1 to you 13th Jun 2020
SilverCraft Best brick-hill youtuber! 30th Jul 2020
Thomas Cromwell Raiding servers for no reason 6th Aug 2020
Sh_xr never met him. here's a +1 anyways 7th Sep 2020