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"Solicited a scam with two other users which would involve the victim trading their entire inventory to the scammer. The excuse given was wanting to borrow items to wear, even though this would involve trading multiple copies of some items for no purpose. The messages shown in this report have been internally verified by an administrator."



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Aidaan Trying to scam 29th Sep 2019
Dababy aidsaan 29th Sep 2019
gizmosuperman21 Lies about his brother dying to get people to accept trades 2nd Oct 2019
Square Nice kid. Gets ahead of himself but nice. Idk see why people are rude to him 11th Oct 2019
Talveka lies about a brother having cancer in order to get pity.. ouch. 13th Oct 2019
british trap Lies in order to get people to donate to him 13th Oct 2019
Oblongl Edgy as fuck 13th Oct 2019
dudexdd must be sent to gulag for spreading western propaganda 13th Oct 2019
sovietrussia LIAR and a shitty trader 13th Oct 2019
Xerox Liar. 13th Oct 2019
Huge weedy brick 13th Oct 2019
koas big poop 13th Oct 2019
Anarchi Cancer brother begger 13th Oct 2019
20XX Fizzy Brick? More like Jizzy Dick. 13th Oct 2019
Noob Alert fucking idiot he should die in a fucking hellhole 13th Oct 2019
Tw1st Legendary dude and can be an amazing guy! :) 30th May 2020
esovoid cool guy V stfu 3rd Aug 2020
KraveSon Shit fucker tried to do an offsite deal with me -_-.Got him termed XD (deserved) here is proof also of him trying to scam and get me terminated 25th Jan 2021
rgtrhtrhyrthr this guy stole somebody's happiness on the site, disgusting 9th Jun 2021
Ricasso Ruined my entire trading life and left me with a terrible item, fuck you whimisical. 18th Jun 2021