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alexh303 I was always on the fence with this user! My goal was to give and get only positive reputations. I was hoping the spark in the dynamite was put out but I was mistaken. It seems I can’t PREVENT all negativity! ;( 30th Jul 2019
Hati this is a user infected with the gays, he will infect the gays to you if you rate positive to him pls dont 30th Jul 2019
Ole He very nice user person and always nice to me 30th Jul 2019
TheMostOriginalUsername He is epic and good training 30th Jul 2019
[Deleted8150] Gay nerd with one eye 30th Jul 2019
Micheal hahahaha i sniped 100k and you didnt hahaha 30th Jul 2019
kahoolawe alexh303 is gay 30th Jul 2019
Rect902 Own "ok" reply on me 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc "You're breathtaking!" 30th Jul 2019
[Deleted18472] cool busty gamer who bought my hat for 60 bucks ty 30th Jul 2019
fighterfist She isn’t as bad as some people think she is. She tends to overreact at times- but she’s got a good side too which I can understand. 30th Jul 2019
Leaf RareWasay's reputations don't mean shit. He's a detestable scammer, thief and fraud. (Literally look at his Reputation) 30th Jul 2019
smellie cool person 30th Jul 2019
Square Countering rare’s bad rep. Sometimes chill 30th Jul 2019
Muke I like to help him a lot 30th Jul 2019
Pres. Jordan Shredding the competition. Was like 10th last time I checked. 30th Jul 2019
T-J Very nice person and she knows how to trade well. Will vouch she is trusty 30th Jul 2019
Generic Villian Good. 31st Jul 2019
Devil Smile Epic. Just too epic. Keep climbing that richlist! 6th Aug 2019
uboa cyclops qween 7th Aug 2019
Charlie to all u mf scammers minus repping shut the fuck up retard 7th Aug 2019
Ep3cSl3yer a friend of mine, really cool, shes an epic gamer 10/10 8th Aug 2019
Kyubi you are weird but you are still cool :D 9th Aug 2019
Tadzy This is a really great person that's really nice to everyone and can make your day like they did for me :D 13th Aug 2019
Exptic Idk they’re just nice 15th Aug 2019
char_mander epic gamer 23rd Aug 2019
Oblongl Ok I guess 4th Sep 2019
Vi. She's usually misunderstood for who she is and what she does for Brick Hill, she may seem like she's being harsh on some cases but she's only speaking truthfully about the matter, she's a very good user of the site and a very good friend of mine. 20th Sep 2019
nod Gonna take one from Xenith and Co's book and call him just a "hater". 20th Sep 2019
Aidaan Good Person 22nd Sep 2019
gizmosuperman21 help shes forcing me to do this HELP SHES COMING AHH 22nd Sep 2019
Compass He has controversy but he seems cool. 3rd Oct 2019
Minimal nice ok 9th Oct 2019
sovietrussia great user 11th Oct 2019
Peanut plays runescape all the time LOL 25th Apr 2020
Xerox nhjkfngafkgn 25th Apr 2020
Preventive Epic Runescape gamer 26th Apr 2020
Weed King EPIC EPIC EPIC! 27th Apr 2020
V O very epic 5th May 2020
Trippe Redd epikkkkkkk 12th May 2020
Tw1st Alexh303 was always on the fence with this person. He will prevent all negativity oneday! 24th May 2020
DarkHeart. well known among the community, a good trader also and seems to have a good reputation so im gonna say hes a cool guy 1st Jun 2020
Softy has a good heart 22nd Jul 2020
Romancer Pretty Nice User 9/10 30th Aug 2020
yasinister Bought my specials so I'm obligated to +rep 9th Oct 2020
Trans pride He is trans and I am trans so yeah 29th Oct 2020
orange Real 4th brick-cast host 5th Jun 2021
KKSlider i had to rewrite 5th Jun 2021
Nategjr They look like a noob 5th Jun 2021
Rag brick cast host, very epic and cool, would recommend 5th Jun 2021
stoa ok because trades but should trade more 29th Aug 2021