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Exptic Idk they’re just nice
Tadzy This is a really great person that's really nice to everyone and can make your day like they did for me :D
Austraila you are weird but you are still cool :D
Ep3cSl3yer a friend of mine, really cool, shes an epic gamer 10/10
Charlie to all u mf scammers minus repping shut the fuck up retard
uboa cyclops qween
Devil Smile Epic. Just too epic. Keep climbing that richlist!
Generic Villian Good.
T-J Very nice person and she knows how to trade well. Will vouch she is trusty
JordanAye Shredding the competition. Was like 10th last time I checked.
Markenred Can't be assed to be a good person.
Square Countering rare’s bad rep. Sometimes chill
smellie cool person
Googie queen of all ribs
Leaf RareWasay's reputations don't mean shit. He's a detestable scammer, thief and fraud. (Literally look at his Reputation)
fighterfist She isn’t as bad as some people think she is. She tends to overreact at times- but she’s got a good side too which I can understand.
RareWasay Can't be assed to be a good person.
slimshady cool epic person
Ivo is dummy thicc "You're breathtaking!"
Elian Okay person
Winter Epic user 10/10
Rect902 Own "ok" reply on me
Deduct alexh303 is gay
Micheal hahahaha i sniped 100k and you didnt hahaha
Shenut Can't be assed to be a good person.
Crazy Gay nerd with one eye
TheMostOriginalUsername He is epic and good training
Ole He very nice user person and always nice to me
Hati this is a user infected with the gays, he will infect the gays to you if you rate positive to him pls dont
alexh303 I was always on the fence with this user! My goal was to give and get only positive reputations. I was hoping the spark in the dynamite was put out but I was mistaken. It seems I can’t PREVENT all negativity! ;(