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1ik_ Has over 700+ stolen accounts on roblox, disgusting. I hope you dont start doing this shit on brickhill as well. 14th Oct 2019
Looaf He is a pretty good guy. 23rd Apr 2020
zss One of the nicest users on the site that I am lucky to call a friend 23rd Apr 2020
Square Nice, down to earth guy 23rd Apr 2020
lexinister honest guy 23rd Apr 2020
Meat sauce Good user very cool 23rd Apr 2020
owo-chan a cool gamer 23rd Apr 2020
Juny He Is a nice guy tbh. Hes pretty cool 23rd Apr 2020
lowest fuck me? 23rd Apr 2020
Shwimp Annoying but epic 23rd Apr 2020
Uzi_ cool dud 23rd Apr 2020
transmit Thanks for basil! Nice user. 24th Apr 2020
SirAlexander the nicest user on brick-hill 24th Apr 2020
NoobDev cool guy 24th Apr 2020
jianyi1 cool dude! 24th Apr 2020
Hello bob Lip.. 24th Apr 2020
Ghost Face Epic! 24th Apr 2020
Klocky Likes Epic Face. 24th Apr 2020
[Deleted89504] Very col guy 25th Apr 2020
sumani10 A best friend 26th Apr 2020
Nicolvsz epic lips 28th Apr 2020
Vitality Mean to people after he accepts trades lol 19th May 2020
sovietrussia epic user 24th May 2020
Winar seems cool 26th May 2020
Trippe Redd okay because ya 27th May 2020
The Metal Addict He's a chill dude 7th Jun 2020
Aaron Hernandez Has over 700+ stolen accounts on roblox, disgusting. I hope you dont start doing this shit on brickhill as well. 15th Jun 2020
Weed King EPIC he rely nice dude if u get to know him <3 <3 <3 16th Jun 2020
mrpony good guy/girl/person 21st Jun 2020
bozten cool guy 👍makes cool trades 25th Jun 2020
L77 Cool Person, gives me a headache when I scroll through his inventory 10th Jul 2020
Dragontori @1ik_ idk what you mean this dude epic 27th Jul 2020
[Deleted16040] Has over 700+ stolen accounts on roblox, disgusting. I hope you dont start doing this shit on brickhill as well.. 16th Aug 2020
chromatography does ops for poor people 31st Aug 2020
Clockson Good trader and a good person 5th Sep 2020
Amari sexy user <33333 23rd Sep 2020
[Deleted398636] Very cool guy! Not toxic and well-known on the forums! 29th Sep 2020
PleaseSubToNinfo he gives me free specials to give away on streams 21st Oct 2020
tall very nice guy :) 15th Nov 2020
Amin. Really nice user! he helps poor people to start trading! 27th Dec 2020
Lending Super cool dude 27th Dec 2020
DrakoSkra A great friend to have on Bh, besides, he is very nice and helps me out sometimes when I have questions about trading. Overall, a nice guy and you should probably trust him. 27th Dec 2020
pdog cool & good person! 27th Dec 2020
gamecubebro Most of our conversations are very laid back, Understandable for advice. 28th Dec 2020
12j really good friend and chill 12th Jan 2021
Iucca Give me your fireworks 16th Feb 2021
893 Really chill and cool 31st Mar 2021
KraveSon Here's some free rep for no reason lol 19th May 2021
Boku Da Great Great user + has alot of red dreads so makes double great 25th May 2021
MasterChief The only man on this site that could compare to me in Mars Ranger Ownership 21st Jun 2021
KSQ Cool friend and trades with me 1st Jul 2021
stoa lip, it says it all 3rd Jul 2021
KenazP4 Netflix Adaptation 16th Aug 2021
Zukie 1000+ specials... 6th Oct 2021
aches very nice person and probably in the top 5 nicest people on brickhill. 16th Oct 2021