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alexh303 Believe it or not but sarcastic is very helpful and I'm not being sarcastic. I looked up to this user for a long time and I still do today! His hacked lampshade look is unforgettable! 30th Jul 2019
Hati This is a sarcastic comment 30th Jul 2019
Tylorfoot hes SARCASTIC and i love it 30th Jul 2019
RoflinOut reeee reeeeee reeeeeee 30th Jul 2019
moner ok so meany gave good review so hit him back with no u 30th Jul 2019
Micheal uunnnggg~~ 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc e slut has granted you positive rating 30th Jul 2019
Square dummy bricc ???????? 4th Sep 2019
1ik_ Trolls a lot on the forums, but they're cool. 14th Oct 2019
Hello bob cool guy 23rd Apr 2020
zss Pretty sure he has a mental disability but still a homie 23rd Apr 2020
transmit Trader dude 23rd Apr 2020
Trippe Redd rich youngin 19th May 2020
Winar COOOL DUUUDE 26th May 2020
Aidaan He's pretty nice and a good trader 6th Jun 2020
Bellyfat Awfully toxic, posted a BLDN gif in Talvekas server (ACTUAL BLDN GIF), he was let off the hook but still it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I won't forgive him for it 6th Jun 2020
Meat sauce He is very cool and epic and also a good trader 14th Jul 2020
Lovestruck Luminati one of my very close friends 15th Aug 2020
be my friend .0. Goodbye Sarcastic. you were my first of 2000+ friends. i'll miss you. 16th Aug 2020
reticle dogecoin is cool have some 10th Oct 2020