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pmace Cool brick-hillian 30th Jul 2019
cylito cool dude 22nd Sep 2019
gizmosuperman21 Acts very cringey and dumb 22nd Sep 2019
Dababy Extremely racist user, calls darker skinned people “monkeys” 3rd Oct 2019
Auriha I feel bad for the negative ratings here. You're actually really nice. 3rd Oct 2019
Fabulous \/ yes yes yes 6th Oct 2019
sovietrussia not racist at all and not cringey at all 12th Oct 2019
1ik_ nice person, sometimes they watch my streams 14th Oct 2019
Xerox Need em when i'm lost in the forest 25th Apr 2020
Bellyfat Pretty annoying and rude. Asked for a BHT rep and I’m just being honest 19th May 2020
worIdstar Has mental breakdowns every once and a while for sucking at something. kinda annoying, sorry! 19th May 2020
Hello bob dont have a problem with them they seem cool 19th May 2020
Nintendo Ds Light Sometimes a Edgelord but other times not so much 19th May 2020
exceptional seems pretty epic from what I've seen 23rd May 2020
reticle oh i'm sorry to state things that actually are true? oopsies 24th May 2020
Winar positive rating 26th May 2020
.Dragon Bloxxed. HES A VERY NICE MAN 5th Jun 2020
Orange9000 A Very great great man. 10th Jul 2020
KraveSon Some free rep cause why not :) 19th May 2021
diorr pretty cool user, very nice. his personality changed alot. 17th Sep 2021
leyla nice person and they make threads lots of users can appreciate!!! +1 15th Nov 2021