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reticle gave me a negative rep for a stupid reason, don’t trade with this kid 23rd Apr 2020
Vitality Put bad rep but he’s cool kid tbh unlike nokk 24th Apr 2020
Martin dislike 26th Apr 2020
mxq cool dude 28th Apr 2020
NoobDev not cool dude 9th May 2020
Amari i guess hes a kid people bully him give him a chance 17th May 2020
Ghost Face beyond annoying 17th May 2020
Demonetized He okay, but hes immature 17th May 2020
worIdstar dude revealed his name on forums lol 18th May 2020
[Deleted259719] Complete fucking loser who is 12 and annoying. 18th May 2020
blocks Annoying, immature and rude kid. 18th May 2020
[Deleted228090] Meh. He's fine, but is annoying. 18th May 2020
Compass Idk what to say. Idk why people hate him 19th May 2020
MemeCorp calm dude 19th May 2020
Atomics i guess hes a kid people bully him give him a chance 19th May 2020
Martinator Owner of block-flock. +1 12th Jun 2020
chromatography Revealed personal info on OT and blames others for saying it when he leaked. 3rd Jul 2020
Pride Parade I don't like giving negative rep but like no way hes 13 and stop starting flame wars (this is positive because im not gonna negative a kid) 17th Dec 2020
transmit Leaks images of his face and whines when people share it even though he should’ve known better. 1st Jan 2021