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TheMostOriginalUsername he a gud pl0x
Ole Cause he can't trade for himself, and guilttrips peole into giving him items. But he's really kind though
gamecubebro Hey amazingly nice and give new players a huge head start for them.
Boki Really good user. Ask him for a donation and he will do it without any problems. This guy really had a reason to become a Brick Saint.
SirStephen really nice trader- also donates too much sometimes
RareWasay he is changed
nan very nice rat
[Deleted36113] cool dude who cares for others. also traded me golden bok so he is mega epic
Rainbow epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Porfus Super Epic
Iqra Really Kind and generous user. He gave me a free Brick Hill Buddy once (but I sold it to get enough money to by my bat helm). He has an Epic channel aswell make sure to sub to him!!
Khutz Really nice dude, gave me gpc to start trading.
BOP on Broadway Nice user. Donates to new players. Good trader.
Krypton Nice person and sends good trades
Micheal epic gamer who helped me start trading
Launch Nice user who donates to new users to help them get into the trading scene. One of the nicest guys I've met on my way through this brick on a hill.
kahoolawe Awesome user
NothingToSomething He ops for ypc and quite epic also he epicly donates
Dsc Subscribe To Ratatooie
T-J easy to trade with and accepts good deals, very cool person
Ivo is dummy thicc He really cool and fun like he in my special ed class and we play with trains and stuff thats so cool
Tadzy Epic bh youtuber. But also a chill guy like everyone else on bh.
Fabulous Epic guy, veteran, donated me 300 bucks!!! Also cool youtuber!
Ep3cSl3yer epic approves, hes my friend
Compass He gave me 100 bucks once.
Dababy epic gamer
1ik_ never really got to know him, I'll be giving him a +1 though.
brick-techno first 2020
Trippe Redd im poor pls special
Tw1st Thank you for the times! :)