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alexh303 I didn’t bribe... but thank you so much in general! XD 30th Jul 2019
Hati Square more like circle 30th Jul 2019
Machop Scammed my #8 Brick Buddy 30th Jul 2019
Micheal moist n' noice 30th Jul 2019
smellie cinnamon toast crunch 30th Jul 2019
20XX Square more like Rectangle 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc brick rolled me 30th Jul 2019
Mysterioususer Square? More like pallelogram 30th Jul 2019
pmace Now we both have equal reps. 30th Jul 2019
nery Cooool kid ? 30th Jul 2019
parallelogram hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhhmhmhmhm 30th Jul 2019
zss cool person but needs to get better at tf2 1st Aug 2019
Pl4y3r EEEEE 4th Aug 2019
Krypton Circle 18th Sep 2019
Dababy gay gay and gay 3rd Oct 2019
Compass Pretty cool guy, he let let me borrow Ushanka 3rd Oct 2019
bulba_saur ok............. 4th Oct 2019
1ik_ cool person i like him 14th Oct 2019
Sarcastics Usually engi mains are pretty slow, but square is an exception. He’s retarded. +rep 23rd Apr 2020
Real Plotagon [ Content Removed ] 23rd Apr 2020
Meat sauce cool person 23rd Apr 2020
Warden Pretty cool 23rd Apr 2020
Cinemark awesome classic user 23rd Apr 2020
Ghost Face Epic Person! If anyone says bad about him I’ll defend him 24th Apr 2020
Winar Epic user 27th Apr 2020
MrFire pretty good user and made the tiger titfer suit 11th May 2020
cylito one of my brother's best friends 11th May 2020
Niick he is a cool guy, he let me borrow his ushanka 20th May 2020
Respoken Very toxic, but can be nice on rare occasions. 14th Jun 2020