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Sarcastic t-j more like pb & j lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 30th Jul 2019
Micheal Pretty cool dude ngl 30th Jul 2019
[Deleted18472] he is a cool epic 30th Jul 2019
Banana He borrowed my brick-luke fedora and gave it back, very trustable person. 30th Jul 2019
smellie Nice guy and deserves to have brick saint 30th Jul 2019
fighterfist May have joined in 2019, but is so welcoming and easy to communicate with that it feels like he's been here for 2 years just like I have. Very trustworthy and helpful. 8th Aug 2019
SuperFury332 Traded me both the Emo Bok and the Recycled Bat Helm, very nice guy. 12th Aug 2019
Triumph A great guy. 15th Aug 2019
Fabulous Epic guy, donated me some bucks and I really like him 21st Aug 2019
blocks good guy 30th Aug 2019
BLRXY I was getting bullied this whole week Nobody was being nice to me and he sent me binary shades for flower hat Wich brought my value back up to 5k 9th Sep 2019
Tadzy He's a nice chill dude you can easily talk to 16th Sep 2019
loup Very nice and generous, helped me to get my first special and always helps new users. 16th Sep 2019
Winter Trustable 18th Sep 2019
1ik_ cool guy 29th Sep 2019
Domas nice to me since 2019 and gave me 80 bucks when i was new to bh 2nd Oct 2019
Dababy no jokes, he is amazing. He does giveaways, super helpfull, very deserving of Brick Saint. I still respect the fact he gave me 100 bucks. :D 4th Oct 2019
Aidaan Very epic and nice. He very much deserves the hat he has been rewarded. 4th Oct 2019
Kyubi hes a real cool guy and im very sorry for declining his offers. i just dont trade, but hes still a awesome guy and deserves brick saint. 14th Oct 2019
hangman Not the largest tits but they have a special way about them. 10/10. Contestant for best on the website. 16th Oct 2019
avo definitely deserves brick saint, very nice dude 23rd Apr 2020
ethos + rep, cool dude and an overall genuine guy. (very good trader) 23rd Apr 2020
Vi. BHT Value Changer, BH Staff Member, Clothing Designer and essentially one of my best friends on Brick Hill, he's a very good friend and is always kind to everybody. 23rd Apr 2020
Xerox Legend. 25th Apr 2020
[Deleted154676] Chill mod, very nice to everyone also a very cool trader 13th May 2020
zss very nice guy and great mod 13th May 2020
SirStephen t-j is a really good guy ngl 15th May 2020
robber0540 extremely nice guy to talk to and a great moderator for brick-hill 15th May 2020
Mute is a very friendly user and a great staff member. 15th May 2020
Baby Pluto Very trustworthy, good at trading, generous, and has a good aspect on the market. 16th May 2020
Vitality Wish I could get something lol 17th May 2020
ItsMeXaviar Great Trader :D 28th Jul 2021
KraveSon Super cool user to trade with had no problems with him and sends very good trades to consider,also sent my items back when i missent 30th Jul 2021