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nan very cool GUY 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc thot is not hot 30th Jul 2019
blocky yucky! always plays slime rancher or valorant or genshin.... disturbs counting streams! 6th Oct 2019
[Deleted18472] funny and cool person on bh 6th Oct 2019
bellaa Best friend anyone could have. 6th Oct 2019
Tylorfoot blocky's alt but that doesnt change the fact that peanut is actually an ok person (even if their blocky's alt) 6th Oct 2019
fighterfist Epic friend who is good at art and minecraft which is totally related to brick-hill trading!! 6th Oct 2019
Fabulous Nuts are yummy 6th Oct 2019
Domas penuts, socom nuts. 23rd Apr 2020
Vextro Ruins the economy 25th Apr 2020
Maxed1 trap. 25th Apr 2020
Lord Absent boring and threatens me, she also wont try aanything 25th Apr 2020
sythe watermelon bro 25th Apr 2020
bricklander give me golden bokc 25th Apr 2020
Baby Pluto j'aime le pamplemousse 25th Apr 2020
Weed King very good artist & an nice user! 26th Apr 2020
transmit A nice user, despite not trading. 27th Apr 2020
reticle ruins trading for everyone 29th Apr 2020
Trippe Redd very hot, please donate i call you pretty so much please give back. 29th Apr 2020
Vitality Gamer girl 1st May 2020
Aidaan Nice person 23rd May 2020
brick-tyler Not fun to play with, always cries and rage quits when the game doesn't work for her lollll 6th Jun 2020
Disperse very friendly user 6th Jun 2020
[Deleted16040] she called em a noob... on roblox... IH ATE PEANUT...... 4th Sep 2020
scary fsfk boooo nice but should give me space commander 26th Feb 2021
Wait She is a positive and nice user on the Brick Hill. I do wish she invested in trading more so not a lot of copies of items are not dead but I can understand as she doesn't know a lot about trading. 8th Jun 2021
Acetone a woman on brick hill? 26th Sep 2021