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"When this scammer asked an unsuspecting user to borrow their items, the user was skeptical at first. Eventually, the scammer was able to manipulate the user into letting him borrow their stuff. When the items were sent, they sold the items, never returning them."



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Voodoo inb4 bad rep 30th Jul 2019
Micheal sends the worst trades ever 30th Jul 2019
Mr. Red Good User on Brick Hill ig 30th Jul 2019
womp seen his bad trades he has sent 30th Jul 2019
Auriha My first friend on BH. Ty for being a great friend. I hope you return sometime in the future. 21st Aug 2019
gizmosuperman21 Sends HORRIBLE trades 22nd Sep 2019
zlowrogi daddy ;) 4th Oct 2019
Aidaan Actually is nice to me 7th Oct 2019
Bellyfat Toxic 26th Apr 2020
Richlist Ok cool 26th Apr 2020
Hello bob bellyfat reped 26th Apr 2020
mxq cool boi 26th Apr 2020
Cinemark mean bro 26th Apr 2020
vintaque is cool 26th Apr 2020
Gayna Epic user ngl 26th Apr 2020
Winar brick hillian 27th Apr 2020
Square pogs person 28th Apr 2020
Trippe Redd bad trades and calls me bad names 29th Apr 2020
Amari He has the pot and good user tbh 29th Apr 2020
Compass pretty chill and cool 19th May 2020
BellTower Bullies me ;( 19th May 2020
Thrift Doesnt accept friend requests. Thinks he is above everyone. 4th Jun 2020
DrakoSkra Untrustworthy, bad, and a scammer. A friend of mine once got scammed by him, so NEVER trade this user, EVER. 11th Jan 2021
Real Thiqq Horrible scammer, Scammed amin, Glad that horrible scammer got banned 12th Jan 2021