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Launch Massive respect. 30th Jul 2019
Linearsuiro Is being sent to court at 6 am, good luck 30th Jul 2019
moner very hot guy 30th Jul 2019
Noob Alert epic omgomgomg 30th Jul 2019
T-J Best person ever! Nice guy, chill, prays for you! 30th Jul 2019
slide My homie and he is fun to talk to 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc RUN 9999999 MILES TO WINNERS!11111!11 30th Jul 2019
Oblongl Nice person 9th Aug 2019
Pres. Jordan Great guy, massive respect. 10/10 9th Aug 2019
cats. giving 50k value all for 1 buck sounds insane right? he did it. 9th Aug 2019
[Deleted25934] Amazing person, he does alot for me and other users and we should do the same to him 10th Aug 2019
blocky He's truly a great guy. 13th Aug 2019
alfons amazing guy 13th Aug 2019
Fabulous epic person 20th Aug 2019
Muke he’s chill af and fair when trading 27th Aug 2019
blocks Friendly and great person 27th Aug 2019
cheats very nice and c00l 30th Aug 2019
sovietrussia awesome dude 2nd Sep 2019
Mettaton poo poo pee pee 14th Sep 2019
[Deleted28318] retard 18th Sep 2019
Aidaan He's a really nice and chill person! Nice to talk to and an overall great user in general! 24th Sep 2019
KKSlider haha nerd 2nd Oct 2019
brick-techno first 2020 24th Apr 2020
Corporal Tank Dempsey Cool dude 24th Apr 2020
bellaa cool dude :D 29th Apr 2020
[Deleted245186] donate lololol XD JK LMAO LMFAO XOXO LEL OwO UvU 16th May 2020
[Deleted283540] did a trade so gg 22nd May 2020
Tw1st Hey thank you for the nitro, :) It's been a long time. 23rd May 2020
Uproar one of the best users I've ever met, very chill, nice and has a great sense of humour if you get to know him 30th May 2020
dreadlocks my man 2nd Jun 2020
transmit A shame he quit. He was a friendly user. 28th Jun 2020
favorite person This is a cool guy he is classic 8th Dec 2020