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Fabulous Epic user, makes cool drawings! 14th Aug 2019
loup epic person indeed 1st Oct 2019
oczy31 a great person with a great personality, love you 1st Oct 2019
Ghost Face Bans everyone that says anything negative about her/he 24th Apr 2020
[Deleted245186] makes cool drawings and is very nice to me :D 29th Apr 2020
Cinemark rude, a bit weird, sensitive person, and if you say anything bad about her, BAN 1st May 2020
Shwimp He makes me laugh but not in a good way 8th May 2020
reticle actually a good person, people just hate her because of old drama and her opinions, even though i don’t agree with everything she has to say she’s decent nonetheless 24th May 2020
ProudforProud used to be different, but changed quite a lot 6th Jun 2020
Flavour being in drama constantly and makes false claims 7th Jun 2020
Mute loves to create drama and is always arguing. has insulted me for no reason and is an overall toxic user. 8th Jun 2020
transmit User is extremely controversial in the community, but I have no problems with them. 17th Jun 2020
MartyMcfly Very toxic and annoying on the forums 17th Jun 2020
a4y bad person that causes drama all the time 21st Jun 2020
Aaron Hernandez Disgusting user gets mads for everything and starts drama with people for no reason. 22nd Jun 2020
[Deleted228090] good user 25th Jun 2020
Meat sauce A toxic user who starts annoying drama and is often pointless 31st Jul 2020
chromatography Please stop causing drama 7th Sep 2020
Crypion stop the capping and the annoying drama 19th Sep 2020
Result causes drama at times 11th Oct 2020
yasinister doxes and threatens 20th Nov 2020
6ua Disgusting person. Doxxed a child, attacks people who criticizes her/her boyfriend. 29th Dec 2020