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sovietrussia a very racist asshole 22nd Sep 2019
Avarice I am not racist at all 23rd Sep 2019
[Deleted18472] Extremely racist user. 29th Sep 2019
Dababy who are you 29th Sep 2019
parallelogram i dont accept your videos as cash but i positive repped you because i was fucking bored 3rd Oct 2019
Kyubi hes mean 3rd Oct 2019
pmace Positive for this account 5th Oct 2019
transmit -repping for making stupid reps 5th Oct 2019
SuperFury332 really funny trying to make my rep go down. now look at you. 6th Oct 2019
Fabulous Because of this guy my reputation is like I'm racist or something. He is just destroying other's people reputation for no reason. 6th Oct 2019
Mythdrill -reps me, so i -rep him for lying about me 9th Oct 2019
cylito gave me a bad -rep for being a "extremely over rated user 10th Oct 2019
Zolvd he asked for bad rep 13th Oct 2019
1ik_ gave me a negative rep, but i think he's still a good person 14th Oct 2019
Hello bob gonna join the trend 23rd Apr 2020
Shwimp Umm ok 23rd Apr 2020
Cinemark not cool bro 23rd Apr 2020
Weed King EPIC EPIC EPIC! 27th Apr 2020
Andrew Snipes Racist user, when i was a new person on BH this guy was SO RACIST, and also asked me to donate to him. rep- 28th Jun 2020
Meat sauce Very funny man some times 14th Jul 2020