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"The scammer asks the victim to borrow a special from them, after gaining the special; the scammer starts to claim that they've been hacked and the scammer doesn't return the special at the end."



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fdxvccccc Scammer Should Be IP Banned 17th May 2020
Ghost Face badddd 17th May 2020
worIdstar omg scammer! i have nothing against this dude tho 17th May 2020
[Deleted283540] sca m 17th May 2020
Square glad i didnt let him borrow my shit tbh 17th May 2020
Richlist Had the balls to publicly apologise and get the person bucks 18th May 2020
pxa tried to scam me aswell 18th May 2020
Durin bumping the bad rep i was the victim 18th May 2020
Razzperri Not good at all 18th May 2020
Vitality Oh ya, I saw this kid borrow rvf and sell it lol 19th May 2020
[Deleted16040] no scam bad :OO 21st May 2020
Rags Needs to be LOCKED out of bh 24th May 2020
Kqpa This is what happened before he got terminated. 1st Jun 2020
Lenwood Heath Very bad dude in general 2nd Jun 2020
a4y scammer i hate this guy 4th Jun 2020
reticle bad user 7th Jun 2020
Crypion Sad Scammer. Guilt tripping people into giving him specials, or he'll "quit" 17th Jun 2020
Martinator Nice person actually. Gave him a ghastly scythe so he doesnt quit. 17th Jun 2020
.Special Storage. Should be banned 18th Jun 2020
Dababy very cool friend 23rd Jun 2020
contra the skater sharked my ramathyst when it came out 21st Jan 2021
Happy Clown Tried to guilt trip me into giving them my 2021 fireworks. Thank god they got terminated 9th Apr 2021
lexinister hes fake af, we were literally good friends and he straight up scammed me out of 14k 3rd Jun 2021