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"The scammer gambled with real Brick-Hill specials in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with the victim in a attempt to take the victim's specials. When the scammer lost, the scammer did not give the victim any Brick-Hill specials and tried to cheap out of the deal the scammer made."



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Triumph Coinfarms. 30th Jul 2019
Micheal Sends horrible trades non-stop 30th Jul 2019
womp h o e s m a d 30th Jul 2019
pokemoncards I would say that Rect902 deserves a ban not only for faking cancer but for scamming 30th Jul 2019
Charmer sends crappy trades all the time 30th Jul 2019
moner ew a scammer 30th Jul 2019
slide Mmmmmm yummy scammer alert! He scammed my boy womp and gained so much on 1 day! 30th Jul 2019
hIGHtRUEwILLIAMbust3r83 gambeling is terrible, dont do it again dumb scammer 30th Jul 2019
[Deleted18472] pee pee poo poo pee poo pee 30th Jul 2019
Corporal Tank Dempsey Lol he got rekt 30th Jul 2019
Duolingo- Scamming is a bad thing 30th Jul 2019
Oblongl Cheated people for specials 30th Jul 2019
SirStephen hes literally like 12 30th Jul 2019
smellie big noob 30th Jul 2019
Replica 100% idiot 2nd Aug 2019
Charlie why is he glazed in colorful cum 7th Aug 2019
gizmosuperman21 Scammer 22nd Sep 2019
Dababy my boi dsc is here 3rd Oct 2019
1ik_ they might change. 14th Oct 2019
Richlist Scamming is bad children 16th Oct 2019