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moner man this guy smells so good 30th Jul 2019
Micheal okokokokokok 30th Jul 2019
cylito cool userrrrrrr 30th Jul 2019
Fabulous Dababv made rake reputation. Cool and epic person +1 14th Aug 2019
char_mander good user 17th Aug 2019
Auriha A very nice and likeable user! Also, a very good person to talk to once in a while. 21st Aug 2019
[Deleted28318] -repped a friend of mine for a trade he sent, trippin said he'll keep it inbound. So my friend traded it off and this user -repped him for that. 21st Aug 2019
sovietrussia great Person 24th Aug 2019
BLRXY Great friend to talk to and be funny 15th Sep 2019
Square skkkkrapapapapapappa 23rd Sep 2019
transmit This user is friendly, while his value may be small he still knows how to trade. 6th Oct 2019
whack Friendly dude who deserves positive rep! 6th Oct 2019
Corporal Tank Dempsey Drops 5 dollars 7th Oct 2019
Dsc Is a purple party crown ? 9th Oct 2019
1ik_ chill person 14th Oct 2019
Lip Helps alot 23rd Apr 2020
Aidaan Very nice and helpful user! 23rd Apr 2020
Winar positive rating. 27th Apr 2020
fdxvccccc nice person 28th Apr 2020
Martin very cool 30th Apr 2020
blocks you're a good person.......yes 30th Apr 2020
Sarcastic marks items as nft but still nice 26th May 2020
Lovestruck Luminati The definition of beauty and all. 29th May 2020
Niick Cool guy, he helps me at trading 2nd Jul 2020
Andrew Snipes this is what i call a good guy 3rd Jul 2020
Leander Nice Person, always up to talk 10th Jul 2020
Chillz HAS A GOOD HEART 16th Aug 2020