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Jigglypuff Very salty and not trusted.
Launch sounds kinda gay
Rect902 Best man for my wedding
Ivo is dummy thicc Seems to have changed for the better.
Ole Asks for rep
smellie econtest is a good website
SirStephen he's changed... maybe
T-J Nice guy who has definitely flipped around his rep. Donated me 25k and is respectable.
nery Ice cream man
slide My dude and has helped me a lot in trading and we have known each other for awhile
3L1T3 Actually not that bad of a person
Devil Smile Muke. Epic.
Isaiah absolute sperg
Tadzy Muke is epic when he's not well @everyone spamming
Fabulous Muke is epic in my opinion
char_mander I don't really know I have mixed opinions so I will choose positive
Dababy they made a face for muke!
Fault This ain't it Chief.
stan get to know him, he's not as bad as most people think. don't live in the past
speedius Pest of Brick-Hill.
Rhyhex da goat
[Deleted133579] Toxic user
latte Sperg.
MyNewUsername nice guy. hes not a bad person at all
20XX Hes a clown from the circus
Astonish Muke is a nice guy. I like to talk with him!
gizmosuperman21 Extremely nice user
1ik_ a retard but in a good way
hangman Gross!
Warden #WardenGang
Weed King toxic and rude