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slide A really epic trader imo. 30th Jul 2019
nan rate me and don't put a . ok thank 30th Jul 2019
Micheal Amazing guy! He once donated me 1.5k value :) 30th Jul 2019
Launch Nice guy tbh. 30th Jul 2019
moner nice human being 30th Jul 2019
smellie very epic 30th Jul 2019
cats. its been nice knowing you 30th Jul 2019
SpookyStephen a very nice and good trader yes 30th Jul 2019
3L1T3 Nice guy 23rd Aug 2019
Dababy yo imagine if i gave him negative rep XD 29th Sep 2019
[Deleted28318] I don't think you value items right.. 2nd Oct 2019
transmit One of the best users I know on Brick Hill as a whole. We end up conversing about various topics daily. Great user and friend. 5th Oct 2019
1ik_ he wont accept my party hat trades 14th Oct 2019
ethos Very biased towards his own items and accused me of scamming, hence tainting my rep 23rd Apr 2020
Martin coolio 23rd Apr 2020
sukuna very rich user,scary man 23rd Apr 2020
Corporal Tank Dempsey Hi ok we have another video on how to give rep on bh so guys just press the like button and we are done enjoy the clickbait.... 23rd Apr 2020
blocks you're ok 23rd Apr 2020
Peanut a really bad trader (get it) 25th Apr 2020
Vextro Good man 25th Apr 2020
saIe generous 5th May 2020
T-J A somewhat controversial person in trading, but as a person and regular trader, nice guy 15th May 2020
worIdstar great trader 16th May 2020
Aidaan Nice person, great trader 17th May 2020
Tw1st You are a hero, thank you for everything. I hope you get unbanned one day. 23rd May 2020
dan is legendary he is the funny man and nice 13th Jul 2020
yasinister pretty cool guy and good trader. uses too much punctuation. 21st Jul 2020
Charmer would not reccomend trading with this person, you wont be able to work out anything reasonable. 5th Jul 2021