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economatic cool i guess 23rd Apr 2020
Retri Gang Coolio mod 23rd Apr 2020
Charisma nice guy, good trader 23rd Apr 2020
avo + rep for good trading :D 23rd Apr 2020
535 cool dude +rep 23rd Apr 2020
Domas good moderator πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 23rd Apr 2020
T-J Chill and cool guy to trade with and negotiate fairly, very fair and good trader! ^_^ 23rd Apr 2020
sumani10 I think he is cool 23rd Apr 2020
blocks good guy 23rd Apr 2020
british trap cool guy 23rd Apr 2020
transmit ethos is my hero!!!! 23rd Apr 2020
Boricua Hi ok we have another video on how to give rep on bh so guys just press the like button and we are done enjoy the clickbait.... 23rd Apr 2020
Kenni anime waifu babe 23rd Apr 2020
Shwimp Ethot. Would hump again. 10/10 23rd Apr 2020
Uzi_ a god 23rd Apr 2020
Mythical He's not as bad as people think he is, he speaks his mind and doesn't take any negativity others use or spread around so he's usually seen as the toxic user himself, although he isn't. 24th Apr 2020
[Deleted18472] real nigga and good trader (stop disapproving reps) 25th Apr 2020
Vextro One of the best mods 25th Apr 2020
Fabulous The best on-site mod, I think 1st May 2020
Perfect Overall shitty dude. Thinks he's a little bit good just because he holds rank on the site. Avoid at all costs 13th May 2020
Freak holds grudges for way too long and negative repped me for almost no reason. 13th May 2020
Baby Pluto Pretty terrible staff member. Openly admits to price manipulation as well as abusing the users in which he’s supposed to work for. Has also leaked personal information on multiple occasions. 17th May 2020
Tw1st I mean he may have a grudge on some people but he is still a legend. 23rd May 2020
Illustrious ethos literally said i was dumb and its true because he wanted my party crown stack and couldnt have it 10th Jun 2020
Aidaan I've never had any problems with him, setting aside from some little arguments. He's a very skillful trader and a nice user as well. 10th Jun 2020
Dababy great trader, however he can get really upset if he dosent get what he wants 13th Jun 2020
Trippe Redd Very good admin, helped me out when I got scammed 17th Jun 2020
swervo gangπŸ’™ 27th Jun 2020
Andrew Snipes very good staff 5th Jul 2020
Leander Only had positive interactions with him. Nice and honest dude and good trader.πŸ‘ 11th Jul 2020
Drismen really cool remember him from brick planet 10th Sep 2020
Amari one of the worst users i ever met literal gets toxic when i get on brick hill discord server and calls me retarded for no reason neg repped i dont care if he negs rep me if he does its because i did 17th Sep 2020