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Trippe Redd very nice and a great helper 20th May 2020
Trying Cool and chill person in disc. Has a really good giveaway server. 5th Jun 2020
Amari Extremely cool user, calls people “Friends”. 12th Jun 2020
Aidaan Pretty nice dude, always fun to be around 14th Jun 2020
Domas cool user 👍 17th Jun 2020
L1C3 I guess he is a cool guy, 17th Jun 2020
guy he's a chill guy and a very nice person to be around with in the discord server. very helpful and he has a great giveaway server 17th Jun 2020
dan is legendary i love you very much 18th Jun 2020
Acheampong Cool and chill guy 19th Jun 2020
nesstron absolutly mag-nificent 19th Jun 2020
daily routine really fantastically mental my lad 19th Jun 2020
spacebuilder bullied me 19th Jun 2020
MrFire cool and nice, above is just a sped 3rd Jul 2020
Fabulous Epic person, he is very active on discord 3rd Jul 2020
Respoken A nice lad to talk to, very funny and chill 3rd Jul 2020
343 Awesome guy. 4th Jul 2020
HolHorse Very cool person and is very patient when he won a giveaway i hosted on Brick-Hill.Trade's Discord. 6th Jul 2020
535 possibly one of the nicest users I’ve met on the site 12th Jul 2020
Lukes Offline Great friend, very chill and doesn't mind helping out. 13th Jul 2020
Heavenly Luminati very nice friend of mine, love em. 21st Jul 2020
Volk Hes a nice guy, also the reason at this time he has no bad rep 15th Aug 2020
Scrabia Change your rep or I will report you 19th Sep 2020