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Pomidor He is one of my fav bh admin 27th May 2020
free robux and tix really sexy and hot :D 5th Jun 2020
transmit Nothing against him, pretty chill dude and aspiring trader! 23rd Jun 2020
Vextro Epic person, kinda quirky with miltank 30th Jun 2020
Mute pretty cool guy and good trader. Doesn’t use enough punctuation. 21st Jul 2020
Sh_xr A very good moderator, sometimes just doesn't listen but that's alright. 7th Sep 2020
bezos i will not keep my items 7th Sep 2020
Amari mod of 2020???? yeah hes cool 17th Sep 2020
JadeJokester yasin bobux moment 6th Oct 2020
Aidaan Overall, he's a great guy. He's good a trading, and good at moderating. 10th Nov 2020
Woki cool guy (+1 rep yes very cooool) 10th Nov 2020
reserved Really cool dude would buy his specials again 20th Nov 2020
Scrabia hoards one of my items.............. 20th Nov 2020
historical he untermed my alt and saved my trading career. i am forever in debt 🙏 thank you yasin. 20th Nov 2020
Unelm cool dude and very trustworthy 5th Jan 2021
strad carries me in bedwars often, couldnt win without him 13th Jan 2021
Robby i don't really like him :/ 13th Jan 2021
fsfk great bedwars player and great friend 16th Jan 2021
Tadzy I've had both positive and negative experiences with yasin sure he's an okay guy but well the negative has just been outweighing the positives 8th Feb 2021
Fob A cool user 10/10 22nd Feb 2021