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blueham God in human form. 30th Jul 2019
TheMostOriginalUsername he has me in his basement with gun pointed at me, well atleast im with google 30th Jul 2019
Flannery Big cool boi 30th Jul 2019
ivo Made being gay easier and more accessible to all. 30th Jul 2019
Iqra Brick Hill CEO man 30th Jul 2019
Fabulous Positive guy idk i like him, good boi 30th Jul 2019
historical Very nice person to trade with. Would give most stuff for a Green Party Crown 30th Jul 2019
Micheal moisty boi 30th Jul 2019
Maltesers Co founder 30th Jul 2019
kyp0k Amazing man *claps* 30th Jul 2019
Auriha A very nice staff member. I don't get why people joke around about him so much. 30th Jul 2019
Gritty epic ceo man 30th Jul 2019
fighterfist Very epic dude who helps people and is a god at managing stress. 30th Jul 2019
SpookyStephen nice ceo 30th Jul 2019
Coder Best. Owner. Ever. Spacebuilder is a legend. 6th Aug 2019
Brick Hill Trade Rep Owner of Brick Hill. +1 Positive Rep. 6th Aug 2019
Tadzy Very nice and caring person as an owner of a website. Cares for his people 13th Aug 2019
sovietrussia he is our ceo :) 24th Aug 2019
Muke He’s a very kind person who helps a lot 27th Aug 2019
legendarydino You know its supposed to be a postive when you know he is the owner of brick hill,also people say he is a good man so i will give that a postive 30th Aug 2019
Leaf What a legend. The Sponkbaber lives!! 5th Sep 2019
[Deleted28318] Brick saint worthy. 10th Sep 2019
Jefemy wont give me new site designs 10th Sep 2019
Winter Epic dude 12th Sep 2019
dan is legendary he hot and stronk 15th Sep 2019
hangman I hate him. Nice guy! 22nd Sep 2019
Aidaan idk who you are but +rep 26th Sep 2019
Richlist Ok cool 3rd Oct 2019
KKSlider helped me get a girlfriend 10/10 3rd Oct 2019
[Deleted133579] Amazing entrepreneur. 7th Oct 2019
brick-hill security bot He is one of the leading staff members for brick hill! 11th Oct 2019
1ik_ tells me to stream and proceeds to not watch them. 14th Oct 2019
Domas Brick Hill wouldn't be here without you.. 23rd Apr 2020
NitroSense My lord is a good lord and he is the best lord 23rd Apr 2020
Meat sauce He runs a company called Brick-Hill 23rd Apr 2020
Vague Big noob 23rd Apr 2020
Shwimp Gave me a rock hard boner that broke my boxers. 23rd Apr 2020
Uzi_ a living saint 23rd Apr 2020
Lilah spacebuilder 23rd Apr 2020
transmit HE MADE A TOP HAT OUT OF MYSHKA SO IM MAD. (He does trade a bit though and for the most part he trades good.) 24th Apr 2020
staplers never heard of this guy 24th Apr 2020
Corporal Tank Dempsey Hi ok we have another video on how to give rep on bh so guys just press the like button and we are done enjoy the clickbait.... 24th Apr 2020
[Deleted33655] ceo of bh is 2nd richest 24th Apr 2020
Xerox big noob 25th Apr 2020
Ghost Face he’s such a noob omg super poorrrrr Xd lol kjjk 3rd May 2020
Trippe Redd nice, but didnt get cactus hat for my grandmas birthday today may 7th 2020, or didn't accept my trades. but besides the depressed stuff he is nice 7th May 2020
reticle he bans me so pretty cool 12th May 2020
[Deleted228090] noob. 13th May 2020
Cinemark cool guy, pretty strict 17th May 2020
Tw1st Thanks! Although you did some bad stuff against me in times, you also helped me learn a lot, and saved me at times. You created an amazing website I won't forget at the end of the day. Thank you :) 23rd May 2020
a4y cool ceo! 30th May 2020
Radio tard has a grudge on me for no reason at all 24th Jun 2020
jianyi1 cool man 27th Jun 2020
Chillz He is good man and a god of brick hill 31st Jul 2020
jbi The lord spacebuilder nice dude 21st Oct 2020
Apparate doesnt help with trading 8th Nov 2020
ratatooie serenade the streets of LA from Oakland Sacton 31st Jan 2021
421b rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 16th Feb 2021
bloxy1 made horse so yes 28th Apr 2021
Custom Name 3,000,000 value cool 14th Jun 2021
DiarrheaLover123 I messaged him saying deez nuts XD 17th Jul 2021
Voodoo Doll hoards hats even tho he is the owner. it's like he want his game economy to be fucked. 13th Aug 2021
Acetone he made a brick hill copy named brick hill 25th Sep 2021