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"This user asked to borrow muke crown, after gaining trust by borrowing and returning the diving helmet with the victim. After receiving muke crown he refused to return it for a while. After receiving extreme backlash from the community he returned the muke crown in exchange for an item worth around 2k more than the dairy splash was originally supposed to give back. Although vitality returned the muke crown, he didn't return the extra value he requested until a later period of time."



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Corporal Tank Dempsey Trader with potential. 23rd Apr 2020
Warden Could be a epic trader one day 23rd Apr 2020
Indy retard 24th Apr 2020
Cinemark doing this to get rep, pretty cool 24th Apr 2020
sukuna Cool and nice guy 24th Apr 2020
transmit Potential bigger trader! 24th Apr 2020
Vextro Epig man 25th Apr 2020
Amari could be a trader 25th Apr 2020
blocks Scammer 10th May 2020
Richlist Scamming is not good 10th May 2020
canonfire2000 retarded scammer 10th May 2020
monologue good tradr 10th May 2020
reticle gives me a negative rep after showing a screenshot of him harassing me, overall just a stupid person 11th May 2020
Disperse ew scamming 11th May 2020
[Deleted245186] vary kool 12th May 2020
Tadzy Not only is this man a scammer, but he is also a racist person that calls people autistic which he thinks is bad. Very offensive and a pretty bad scammer. 12th May 2020
Fier Racist,Bad Trader,Very Rude, and also very sensitive 13th May 2020
JustACat Scamming is not cool. 13th May 2020
Activation Lying about his age also a very rude user called blocks the n word 13th May 2020
BellTower Cool even though he scammed 16th May 2020
Lip Dont trade w this user 18th May 2020
worIdstar failtrader? hard too say. still pretty ight 19th May 2020
P-J Quick to respond to DMs 20th May 2020
mxq really good friend irl 22nd May 2020
1ik_ seems cool 28th May 2020
Dumpling he donated item 1st Jun 2020
Aaron Hernandez he said i was hes favorite football player 15th Jun 2020
Rags What A Retard. 18th Jun 2020
Hello bob did scam but dont have a problem with them 18th Jun 2020
Element Neon User is very rude and toxic. I applied to be moderator for his server but I was greeted with really graphic content which disturbed me. This user is awful and does not deserve any positive attention. 28th Jun 2020
DrakoSkra Scammed others, and was toxic in general. Do not trust cause you could get scammed by them. Also F^^k you Vitality, Lip is a great and trustworthy friend on bh. 27th Dec 2020