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Orange9000 Cool dude, He's nice. 11th Jul 2020
OSCAR BUILDS 2 he is pretty chill and nice :D 26th Jul 2020
Clockson big gay man dude 22nd Aug 2020
LipestoaW extremely annoying, unhelpful and just made my bh experience terrible. good person if u arent me. 25th Oct 2020
mxq cool bht staff :) 26th Oct 2020
Piratewalle Also Kqpa is a mature and a real BHT staff. Not the abusive staff but also not the staff that dont care of your actions. Hes in the middle which means hes perfect! 27th Oct 2020
Boost_YT Alt Rip he got banned.......... 5th Nov 2020
dividetheyouth cool dude (very hot) 18th Nov 2020
Durin The best friend I could ever have!!!!!!! :D 4th Dec 2020
Flavour very epic antler person 22nd Dec 2020
[Deleted357069] very epic and nice person good at their job and is a good listener + awesome trader (you should trade with kqpa right now) 26th Dec 2020
Boku Da Great God of :kqpa: leader of happiness and worshiper of antlers, dope person 3rd Jan 2021
GraniteNPC The coolest man i've seen on Brick-Hill 13th Jan 2021
[Deleted280963] Good trader, nice friend 19th Jan 2021
Domas hi kqpa im a big fan of you and your works i hope you're doing well 22nd Jan 2021
12j i love you my guy 22nd Jan 2021
893 Really nice friend :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 26th Jan 2021
1nator very sad that he quit, will be remembered 11th Mar 2021
Niick Pretty cool peep. Helped me when a trade of mine got miss accepted 8th Jul 2021
Solarous Banned me for hurting his feeling before, Is stuck up and calls discord moderation a job. 6th Aug 2021