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T-J Cool Trader & overall person 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc semp femp lemp pemp 30th Jul 2019
smellie good trader 30th Jul 2019
3L1T3 Epic gamer 2nd Sep 2019
Winter Good guy 3rd Sep 2019
cylito good comrade 22nd Sep 2019
Aidaan Very epic Trader 29th Sep 2019
parallelogram cool guy and easy to be friends with 30th Sep 2019
Dababy eek tylorfoot 1st Oct 2019
loup cool guy 2nd Oct 2019
Fabulous Personaly i like this person 2nd Oct 2019
Tylorfoot sad house isnt coming back 6th Oct 2019
bellaa MY BEST FRIEND 6th Oct 2019
1ik_ he doesn't like me much, but that's ok. 6th Oct 2019
orange Lol very nice donator 16th Oct 2019
avo always seems to have items i like 23rd Apr 2020
lowest anime waifu babe 23rd Apr 2020
Vextro Yall gonna make me poop and pee 25th Apr 2020
sk ii ebic muke friend gamer epic so dude noob 15th May 2020
reticle finding out your past on this fucking lego site makes me cringe 25th May 2020
Spacebuilder wants money Rip slim u will be missed 21st Sep 2020
Meat sauce Rest in peace dude 20th Oct 2020
12j never seen him. but he sounds nice! 11th Apr 2021
Kaiiju i miss him ;( . 5th Oct 2021