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"User used an alt to ask another user if they could borrow a Hood of the Reaper for an outfit, they sold the item afterwards for 500 bucks despite it not being their item, essentially tricking and scamming the user out of a special."



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Vitality Both on the wall of fame baby 🤪🤪🤪🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰😍🥰😍🥰🥰 25th Apr 2020
Trippe Redd very cool 29th Apr 2020
Ghost Face legendary person hes the goat 29th Apr 2020
JustACat Pretty chill guy 4th May 2020
willg5555 good kid 15th May 2020
BellTower Even though he scammed he is still my friend :) 17th May 2020
sovietrussia scammer 17th May 2020
worIdstar very cool friend 17th May 2020
Sarcastics Doesn't deserve the shit he gets for one mistake. Cool dude and nice person to be around, I'd trust him with a special any day. 18th May 2020
Atomics he's nice 19th May 2020
Warden Cool guy 24th May 2020
Lip Hottest user on Brick Hill 24th May 2020
bilingual Amazing Guy 28th May 2020
herzegovina HE IS AWESOME! WHAT YALL TALKING ABOUT 31st May 2020
transmit Good dude 3rd Jun 2020
Flavour chill bh user that i met from bp 3rd Jun 2020
Domas pretty cool 13th Jun 2020
Q-T Very cool 14th Jun 2020
Aaron Hernandez dababy is more darker then you 15th Jun 2020
Lightning_Bolt Dude is a real nig 17th Jun 2020
Martinator Nice. 18th Jun 2020
Tw1st cool person 25th Jun 2020
Sarcastic I mean he’s amari what else is there to say? 25th Jun 2020
69696969696969696969696969 Donated me a BPC 30th Jun 2020
Andrew Snipes never met him, he looks like a epic person 4th Jul 2020
TF2 cool dude 5th Jul 2020
Uproar Extremely cool user, calls people “Friends”. 5th Jul 2020
Bruce Cool user I like to talk with 10th Jul 2020
[Deleted22939] hes nice even tho hes a bitch scammer 28th Aug 2020
pdog I thought he was cool but nope. 3rd Sep 2020
Lovestruck Luminati close friend of mine, i appreciate em a lot. 19th Sep 2020
tazblock chill guy except he sc*ms 😱😱😱 19th Sep 2020
Amin. Really cool person 19th Sep 2020
P-J He trusted me with some big items, he's a great guy 24th Sep 2020
DemiansNewAccount Coolest player I seen 2nd Oct 2020
esovoid he's not a scammer! 4th Oct 2020
edtwhatYT hes really nice so maybe give him another chance people change 8th Oct 2020
Meat sauce He is okay I guess +1 20th Oct 2020
MrFire funny guy and a good friend 24th Oct 2020
Kyubi hes a great person. amazing username as well. 30th Oct 2020
Modded goodboi yes man good sir 5th Nov 2020
Sh_xr Cool user, very supportive! 6th Nov 2020
Charmer people dislike him but he is always a really cool person and ive never had any issues with him only good experiences 15th Dec 2020
Brick Hillian Builderman He is okay I guess +1 29th Dec 2020
Ricasso Was one of my first friends, extremely chill and nice, not a scammer, we need more users like amari 18th Jun 2021
Cinemark Amari is making me give him a positive rep but guess what, he's a cool friend so 19th Jun 2021
Jeff Bezos Very nice and very cool, offers a helping hand when you need it 19th Jun 2021
12j Really nice guy, very chill. theres so much more i can say about him. 24th Jun 2021