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[Deleted25649] Good guy, traded with him and never had a problem. 30th Jul 2019
Big Papa Hes A Good Person He does giveaways and a ton of stuff he is epic 30th Jul 2019
Dragonian gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer 30th Jul 2019
[Deleted35000] hes rich l0l 30th Jul 2019
MegaDriver he did the sillyman nae nae 30th Jul 2019
Iqra Epic Gamer 30th Jul 2019
Noob Alert he pooped on my head but still an epicing guy ;--) 30th Jul 2019
nightcamel awesome sauce 30th Jul 2019
Pres. Jordan *sniffs.* Smells like pokemon. uwu 30th Jul 2019
hIGHtRUEwILLIAMbust3r83 Brillianto Trader! 1st person who got 1,000,000 value, hes a good person and yeah! 30th Jul 2019
20XX He's an epic gamer boy 30th Jul 2019
[Deleted25934] Yes a very nice person, always there to help he reach his goal, some day he will help me reach mine. 30th Jul 2019
alfons broke as hell noob 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc moisty mate 30th Jul 2019
fighterfist Sends good trades, very friendly, and knows how to lighten a mood. Very good person to go to if you feel like you need to talk to someone about a personal problem. 30th Jul 2019
Brick Hill Trade Rep Top Trader. #1 Spot. +1 Positive Rep. 6th Aug 2019
Tadzy He's a great guy. He helps me beat the salty children now these days 12th Aug 2019
Muke I don’t like him. 27th Aug 2019
Dappernaut lol im not worth anything 6th Sep 2019
transmit Zangoose 6th Oct 2019
brick-hill security bot Cool guy in general! 11th Oct 2019
1ik_ he won't accept my trades, but I guess he's alright. 16th Oct 2019
hangman Zangoose titties. Awesome awesome awesome. 16th Oct 2019
Meat sauce Cool dude 23rd Apr 2020
Peanut he makes awesome art and is a cool guy B) 25th Apr 2020
Vi. Good friend that's funny and is a good asset dev, also a Roblox UGC creator so he's super awesome. 26th Apr 2020
LovelyLizzy aaaaaaaa 27th Apr 2020
Disperse this guy has over two million dollars worth of value, dang 27th Apr 2020
Sayory didn't accept my trades so positive rating 27th Apr 2020
Triumph positive rating 30th Apr 2020
Deceived He is a nice guy. 15th May 2020
Winter nice guy but i haven't traded with him yet 23rd Jun 2020
L.O_L This guy is epic 6th Sep 2020
pdog Super cool okay 9th Sep 2020
wizrd very chill dude, would trade again 30th Sep 2020
RamonGamer Definetly the richest person on brickhill. alot people are saying good stuff. 26th Oct 2020
Temprost this guy epic gamer 2nd Nov 2020
Zukie epic funny rich gamer 1st Dec 2021