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Tadzy He's a great guy. He helps me beat the salty children now these days
Brick Hill Trade Rep Top Trader. #1 Spot. +1 Positive Rep.
fighterfist Sends good trades, very friendly, and knows how to lighten a mood. Very good person to go to if you feel like you need to talk to someone about a personal problem.
Ivo is dummy thicc moisty mate
alfons I don't speak broke.
Projectbaby Yes a very nice person, always there to help he reach his goal, some day he will help me reach mine.
Phartzalot He's an epic gamer boy
hIGHtRUEwILLIAMbust3r83 Brillianto Trader! 1st person who got 1,000,000 value, hes a good person and yeah!
JordanAye *sniffs.* Smells like pokemon. uwu
nightcamel awesome sauce
Weed King Nice person first to hit 1,00,000
Square hes got 1m value so hes big noob
Elian epic user
Noob Alert he pooped on my head but still an epicing guy ;--)
Iqra Epic Gamer
Peaked he did the sillyman nae nae
[Deleted35000] hes rich l0l
[Deleted36113] he sends shit trades and doesnt have the best personality, hes very impatient and doesnt like to talk.
Dragonian gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer
Big Papa Hes A Good Person He does giveaways and a ton of stuff he is epic
Richard Ramirez Good guy, traded with him and never had a problem.