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Amari my friend is so friendly lol 29th Jan 2021
Aidaan Is this the REAL Nategjr?!?! all jokes aside, he's a nice guy 5th Jun 2021
stoa very good perso 15th Jun 2021
radness nice and friendly person 20th Jun 2021
scary fsfk boooo nice guy, just please stop sending me trades i dont trade 21st Jun 2021
Domas my homie he is so nice 21st Jun 2021
leyla So good at trading and nice YAY 28th Jun 2021
transmit big noob big big big noob (cool person)))) 28th Jun 2021
Lovestruck Luminati i love him as a friend!!! super cool guy!!! also a good trader 2nd Jul 2021
Glowsticks hes cool and hes nate so like yeah ++ 2nd Jul 2021
pdog Cool dude LOoks like a banana :) 6th Jul 2021
LexIsAwesome He's funny like jake paul 6th Jul 2021
Fob He is cool and awesome user 6th Jul 2021
MaxTheChicken Very good trader and kind 7th Jul 2021
Respoken he is nate that's all 14th Aug 2021
3L1T3 Da goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 14th Aug 2021
Foxet Not my friend BUT hes a really good trader and very chill and friendly! 15th Aug 2021
Niick Pretty chill peep, nice person to trade with and a good value changer. 17th Aug 2021
yasinister great friend, not bad at trading :) 18th Aug 2021
NobIe pretty good and genuinly a nice guy to talk to 27th Aug 2021
Enderspearl184 very epic person 4th Sep 2021
SytheCoinSucks really cool person all together, i wish you the best of luck on your trading journey 4th Sep 2021
KSQ Should have gave him a positive rating a while ago I just keep forgetting to 5th Sep 2021
zk0 kinda cool guy i would give a neutral rating if i could 4th Oct 2021
R_ry i dont like him so he sucks 24th Oct 2021