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Pres. Jordan Donated his whole inventory, good guy. 30th Jul 2019
T-J Very nice guy to trade with and talk to 30th Jul 2019
SpookyStephen cool manager of brick hill trade, great at value changers, nice person in general. 30th Jul 2019
Mute is a person. 2nd Oct 2019
transmit A friendly user, open-arms when it comes to assisting newer traders. 5th Oct 2019
[Deleted28318] Decent 7th Oct 2019
economatic cool manager 23rd Apr 2020
Meat sauce Great at value changers 23rd Apr 2020
lexinister epic trade helper 23rd Apr 2020
blocks Good, 23rd Apr 2020
Domas cool manager 👍 26th Apr 2020
Martin good and epic value changer 27th Apr 2020
Respoken get to know her a bit more, people can change 2nd May 2020
535 very competent manager, and an all round nice guy 13th May 2020
Tw1st Very honest, and an amazing trade helper! 24th May 2020
Winter Over all nice guy sends decent trades as well 28th May 2020
222222 Very nice 10th Jun 2020
Corporal Tank Dempsey Cool manger,cool user, very chill and good with value, 100%legit. 10th Jun 2020
Romancer He's a great guy whos friendly 25th Aug 2020
TZMythic Very cool and nice girl. I said she is the coolest player on brick hill. She admitted she wasn't. She is a very good person, very chill and nice. 14th Nov 2020
floppa gang Cool person who is the manger at bht! 26th Dec 2020
Fob awesome user and a wonderful friend 8th Mar 2021
Zukie certified gamer 4th Oct 2021