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bricklander "This user has no reputation ratings." 21st Aug 2019
T-J Good person to trade with and understands the proper values of items. 21st Aug 2019
zss Great person and understands trading- also very helpful 29th Aug 2019
Martin good person and is reasonable at trading 17th Sep 2019
Winter Great person to trade solid communication and overall very chill 29th Sep 2019
transmit He’s cool and helped me in the past 5th Oct 2019
1ik_ i like em 14th Oct 2019
Kyubi seems like a great guy 15th Oct 2019
Aidaan Good person, it's too bad he went inactive 24th May 2020
[Deleted245186] great friend 30th May 2020
Tw1st Lol, good friend. Saved me when I needed it most on a different time and place. ;) 30th May 2020
blocks nice person 6th Jun 2020
Mute very friendly user and now owns the most epic sam grin hoard ever. 7th Jun 2020
Amari Hes actual 3 LIT 3 15th Jun 2020
Disperse we joined bh in the same 6 hours, and hes a very good trader 29th Jun 2020
historical2.0 very nice 4th Jul 2020
Lovestruck Luminati he's a good friend of mine <3 19th Jul 2020
SilverCraft Great trader and use. 30th Jul 2020
tazblock dogs are great!!!!! 25th Oct 2020
floppa gang HE LOVES THE "CHEAT" THUG! 25th Oct 2020
Terrorbyte pretty cool dude! 25th Oct 2020
radness Very awesome dude 12th Nov 2020
L77 Nice user and good trader 28th Nov 2020
pdog good person+trader 27th Dec 2020
Lip Good Trader,Knows what hes doing. 28th Dec 2020
Boku Da Great Do I really need to describe how dope he is?! 3rd Jan 2021
Charmer long time friend of mine reliable and friendly trader 26th Jul 2021
Respoken good person to work with unlike the previous value manager 14th Aug 2021
Nategjr good friend and da goat 14th Aug 2021