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Marooze Sends shitty trades 30th Jul 2019
IndianaJones -repped me for no reason, never traded with him. 30th Jul 2019
Noob Alert Repped me for no reason because he raged over me repping him for something he did wrong. He thinks people from 2018 are noobs. 30th Jul 2019
Muke hes good, he doesnt scam. all he did was accept a old inbound trade 30th Jul 2019
slide sucky and reps people bad. 30th Jul 2019
Iqra Cool Youtuber 30th Jul 2019
Linearsuiro Just LOVES to -rep people for some reason. 30th Jul 2019
Cheapened poopoo videos 30th Jul 2019
curbstomp He unepic >:( 30th Jul 2019
womp Makes shitty content, won't get off Projectbaby's dick, and Deduct is far superior. 30th Jul 2019
Running In The 90s -rep -repped me for wanting to trade back with him for an item, and is a scammer and a hacker in the making. 30th Jul 2019
SilverCraft Epic user Makes interesting videos 30th Jul 2019
Dsc Making Shazam A BrickHill Account 30th Jul 2019
Micheal scammer n00b 30th Jul 2019
Tylorfoot Scummy person who caused a user to quit 30th Jul 2019
[Deleted18472] he changed "for the better" 30th Jul 2019
Vi. Requested I remove his -rep over it being invalid, although he wouldn't return an item that was mis-sent in a trade unless given a huge amount of value in return, which happened to be an item he hoarded, the guy feels no remorse at all. 30th Jul 2019
alfons scummy person leaves old trades to accept later and sharks many players just overall a bad person 30th Jul 2019
smellie I love your videos RareWasay like and subscribe bro 30th Jul 2019
Abiding I gave you a negative reputation on two accounts simply because of how evil you are. Freak was my friend. Prick. 30th Jul 2019
Square Poor dude getting bad rep. He’s not that bad, just caught in drama 30th Jul 2019
bellaa Sharker, he is a big poopy head. 30th Jul 2019
nery uuuuuuuuuu 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc made freak quit 30th Jul 2019
FutureBonBot unepic gamer 0/10 30th Jul 2019
Mute Scammed me out of 5k, and accepted a 3 month old trade causing me to lose my favorite item and another 4K value. DO NOT trade with this user. 30th Jul 2019
Rainbow this user can be a aggressive trader, only cares about himself and wants everything to go his way when trading. Only cares about value and richness placement. 30th Jul 2019
FireCatMagic he helped me before 30th Jul 2019
Mettaton sharking ain’t cool lol 30th Jul 2019
spacebuilder Exploits users in any way possible - duped user into giving him two items instead of one and demanded massive OP on an item that was traded by mistake. 30th Jul 2019
Ole I've never liked you 30th Jul 2019
Windblose A big old shark who scams people while laughing to his computer on their mom's basement. 30th Jul 2019
cats. how did i get here 30th Jul 2019
pinballmanfan Sends awful trades 30th Jul 2019
cardboard_table3008 bhrua moments 30th Jul 2019
Tadzy He's just as corrupt as the churches back in the middle ages. 3rd Aug 2019
Devil Smile Scammer 6th Aug 2019
Ep3cSl3yer its funny how he advertised this website, then got called a scammer, i don't like him 8th Aug 2019
zlowrogi He's not a scammer 10th Aug 2019
Triumph makes awful vids 15th Aug 2019
Exptic Scams people and caused someone to quit. 16th Aug 2019
[Deleted28318] nice person in general 21st Aug 2019
sovietrussia he changed 24th Aug 2019
Mythdrill Scamme, Thats The only Thing Bad About him, but Besides That He Is nice 28th Aug 2019
Fabulous scammer 6th Sep 2019
Dababy thicc 6th Sep 2019
gizmosuperman21 Scammer 22nd Sep 2019
Rstf He is nice 26th Sep 2019
Aidaan He's a really nice user, and one who has definitely changed. 29th Sep 2019
3L1T3 He's nice 29th Sep 2019
oczy31 goober 1st Oct 2019
RareWasay This Or That get to know him well before rating, chill dude, him "scamming" was over exaggerated 1st Oct 2019
loup he's actually a chill dude. 2nd Oct 2019
devoly cool guy if you gget to know him 2nd Oct 2019
Remember really chill man 2nd Oct 2019
transmit They’ll remove a man who attempted to cookielog, yes, but a guy who made a small mistake? Oh no they won’t... 5th Oct 2019
bulba_saur Not a Scammer anymore 6th Oct 2019
SpookyStephen changed but still bullies me 9th Oct 2019
1ik_ denied my party hat trade, i still send him them. 14th Oct 2019
Kyubi Hes not a scammer guys. 14th Oct 2019
brick-techno first 2020 23rd Apr 2020
Weed King is a scammer. 26th Apr 2020
Amari He changed 8th May 2020
Trippe Redd very cool videos people gotta just eaze up a bit 20th May 2020
Tw1st Rare is truly not a scammer. Please let it go already! 23rd May 2020
Andrew Snipes Scammed a fan's Brick Hill account. 24th Jun 2020
Clockson Great guy and a good youtuber ! 18th Oct 2020