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alexh303 This guy has always been there in the brick hill community. Some may say he has a "low" profile. But I think it is a unique way to express yourself and your items. An awesome friend and an awesome trader! 30th Jul 2019
Ivo is dummy thicc very epic user 30th Jul 2019
T-J Is a very friendly person altogether and when he trades, is friendly and a good trader & person overall 30th Jul 2019
ratatooie Very helpful to the Brick Hill community and very nice user and good trader. 30th Jul 2019
pmace Really nice, and helpful user 30th Jul 2019
smellie oh yeah yeah 30th Jul 2019
Tadzy Great person who helped me when I joined bh. Nice and chill. 13th Aug 2019
Muke All he does is win giveaways for his specials, so i wouldnt call him a trader more of a collector 29th Sep 2019
Compass Deserves to be saint brick. 3rd Oct 2019
Dababy gang outside, dont come out the house cus the gang outside 4th Oct 2019
Fabulous Bricksaint ok ok cool 6th Oct 2019
1ik_ seen them like twice, they seem cool. 14th Oct 2019
Vi. Essentially one of my best friends on Brick Hill, he's unappreciated for everything he does and he does a great job at what he's given. 23rd Apr 2020
Tw1st Always kind and there for you :) 23rd May 2020
Winar epic user 26th May 2020
[Deleted245186] kind, always there if needed! 28th May 2020
lancia yeah, I like his cat hat so thats nice 13th Nov 2021