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"User attempted to trick people out of their bits or bucks by setting up a fake lottery in which unsuspecting users purchased a shirt in the exciting anticipation of winning the prize which was a supposed 20k bucks, however that turned out to be a complete lie, hence showing the user tricked and scammed these unfortunate users. In addition he tried to bribe NitroSense to take him off the scammer list."



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transmit Well he scammed but seems like a nice person 3rd May 2020
Razzperri Scammer but very nice to me 3rd May 2020
sovietrussia wow nice going bruce your on the scammer list now 3rd May 2020
[Deleted245186] the 1st and the only positive rating as if right now 4th May 2020
Lip saddd 5th May 2020
Ghost Face Scammer 5th May 2020
brick-techno scammer 5th May 2020
Itz_lyfe nobody likes scammers 5th May 2020
Amari idk him but a classic boi 5th May 2020
[Deleted283540] hes cool 8th May 2020
Perfect stinky scammer 13th May 2020
Domas He bullied me in Brick Hill's discord, calling me a bad trader (which I am) and a school shooter (which I am not). 13th May 2020
reticle harassed me in the bh discord for being a 19’er and claimed i “put him on the scammer list for nothing” 13th May 2020
blocks Keeps spamming me with the same shitty trades which I've declined multiple times. 15th May 2020
pxa scamming people 16th May 2020
Lean Good person and trader 16th May 2020
[Deleted310319] Terrible at trading 1st Jun 2020
MadLock Likes to bribe people apparently,,, 8th Jun 2020
Amelia Duckworth Scammer 8th Jun 2020
Aaron Hernandez Supports me and very nice gave me 500 bucks on my main one time 15th Jun 2020
Dababy very cool friend i like to chill wit 23rd Jun 2020
historical2.0 good trading partner. 4th Jul 2020
L77 Cool person, positive development! 8th Jul 2020
chromatography Is actually quite nice to me, so I am removing my negative rating 10th Jul 2020
PleaseSubToNinfo he bully me ):< 12th Jul 2020
jbi He isn’t all that bad 22nd Jul 2020
stoa bias jungle hat owner 17th Jul 2021
3L1T3 Too much hate, really chill 26th Sep 2021