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gizmosuperman21 Extremely racist user. 22nd Sep 2019
appliance mehhhhhhhh 28th Sep 2019
20XX ugly postfarmer :/ 29th Sep 2019
vintaque dung bettles 29th Sep 2019
Square Triple gay 29th Sep 2019
1ik_ cool and funny dude, people need to sometimes ease up a bit and take a joke 3rd Oct 2019
bulba_saur Extremely racist user, calls me a “Poo”. 4th Oct 2019
L0L. damn hes gettin destroyed 5th Oct 2019
Triumph aaaaa 5th Oct 2019
pmace someone cool 5th Oct 2019
transmit ????? 5th Oct 2019
legendarydino actually changed mind he epic man 7th Oct 2019
british trap He wants to get to -100 7th Oct 2019
EggHunter no okay 7th Oct 2019
Oblongl Bitch 8th Oct 2019
sovietrussia sjhite2eeq 9th Oct 2019
Ch4r_mander PP HAHA 10th Oct 2019
koas told me to do this 10th Oct 2019
Mythdrill nononoonnononononnon 10th Oct 2019
MaxTheChicken he is a nice man 13th Oct 2019
Kyubi he called me a monkey and he thinks im a racist :( 14th Oct 2019
Shwimp Not a baby >:[ 23rd Apr 2020
Xerox bad noob 25th Apr 2020
canonfire2000 these ratings are sad 25th Apr 2020
sukuna Very rude user 26th Apr 2020
Amari Very good user helps me out with everything 28th Apr 2020
Trippe Redd very nice friend but still hasnt accepted the trade he promised 29th Apr 2020
Cinemark racist, rude, toxic, part of that muke gang cult 19th May 2020
Aaron Hernandez dababy or amari? 15th Jun 2020
Clockson Acts like an ass to everyone 26th Oct 2020