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nan rest in piece 30th Jul 2019
womp I never knew Luke. I heard he was a chill guy. Rest in peace <3 30th Jul 2019
bellaa I'm so sad he gone. 30th Jul 2019
SpookyStephen he'd be proud of what the site is today. goodbye, luke <3 30th Jul 2019
fighterfist Lighthearted CEO who was a perfect match for his brother. Wanted to create a place fun for others, and succeeded in forming a legacy which would make so many others happy. Thank you for everything, Luke. 8th Aug 2019
char_mander RIP Brick-Luke :( 12th Aug 2019
Tadzy I never talked to Brick-Luke but from what I've heard he's a great man that deserves to go down in bh history for ever 13th Aug 2019
Build rip dad :( 28th Aug 2019
Fabulous um so 28th Aug 2019
hangman good man 22nd Sep 2019
british trap RIP brick luke 28th Sep 2019
sovietrussia rip he had a good life :( 29th Sep 2019
transmit This man is missed 5th Oct 2019
brick-hill security bot RIP. Even though I barely know you, you have created an awesome website! I hope you went to heaven. 11th Oct 2019
L0L. we miss you very much, i hope your enjoying heaven! 13th Oct 2019
Kyubi hope you are having a great afterlife. 14th Oct 2019
1ik_ never got to meet him and sadly never will 15th Oct 2019
avo rest in peace 23rd Apr 2020
Domas i asume he was cool 23rd Apr 2020
Warden Rest In Peace 23rd Apr 2020
Cinemark thank you for making brick hill, may you rest in peace 1st May 2020
Trippe Redd met him at the bar. never seen him again. 7th May 2020
NitroSense Thanks for creating Brick-Hill. 7th May 2020
Razzperri Rest in peace 18th May 2020
Atomics Even though we never knew you, you will always be in our hearts. 19th May 2020
Poc. rip brick luke ;( 21st May 2020
Tw1st You are a pretty amazing person. Thank you! 24th May 2020
BellTower RIP ;( 25th May 2020
ProudforProud Legend. 29th May 2020
a4y rest in peace legend 30th May 2020
Amari Legend and RIP ;( 12th Jun 2020
Martinator rest in peace 12th Jun 2020
[Deleted228090] Legend. R.I.P brick-luke. :[[ 19th Jun 2020
esovoid R.I.P‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ 23rd Aug 2020
stoa never forget him 23rd Aug 2020
SIope rip luke i hope when time travel is invented i will go back in time to save you 15th Oct 2020
John_DoeFlood rest in peace luke, Our legend. 24th Oct 2020
Kqpa We miss you, Luke. 4th Nov 2020
reticle rest in peace brick-luke 6th Nov 2020
Durin You will be missed, Brick-Luke. See ya on the flip side! 15th Dec 2020
Lancia Thanks for making the site what it is today, luke. 21st Mar 2021
picus Amazing owner and person. Taken from us too young. Fly high, Luke. 6th Apr 2021
TerribilisNimis Never met him but seems like a good person and ceo R.I.P 15th May 2021
nickr118 R.i.p brick-luke, wished you would of lived younger. 4th Jul 2021
Trans pride We love you Luke 7th Jul 2021
Nategjr Rest easy homie 19th Jul 2021
GoldRisingSky rip. some day a diamond fedora willl be made for him as a gift. for him. 11th Aug 2021
C me Rest in Peace, Luke. 8th Sep 2021
Zukie the most amazing user on bh, miss you Luke. 5th Oct 2021