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Ole brick hill 30th Jul 2019
wraith upload items 30th Jul 2019
Fabulous I love playing this guy umm... game xD 30th Jul 2019
Tylorfoot steals our items with the promise of giving them away but then doesnt 30th Jul 2019
3L1T3 I want your diving helmets 4th Aug 2019
fighterfist Hard to hate someone who uploads all your items and provides a nice little greeting to new users. 8th Aug 2019
Tadzy I mean basically what fighterfist said 13th Aug 2019
20XX new special plz 19th Sep 2019
bulba_saur the new specials = gone 19th Sep 2019
Oblongl Creeper awww man 19th Sep 2019
angelfrans1 brick hill is epic 5th Oct 2019
Austraila hes brick hill 14th Oct 2019
Lilah brick hill 24th Apr 2020
Icy Cheeseburger Its Brick Hill, of course he has a good rep 24th Apr 2020
transmit Friendly user, would you mind handing out some items on your account for the new client? 1st May 2020
Aidaan giveaway when? 6th May 2020
sovietrussia very nice user if only he was more active 7th May 2020
Trippe Redd last online 12 months ago, BUT VERY nice. doesnt accept my trades though 7th May 2020
RealMapleTire 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 27th Jun 2020
IPhoenix Super Epic Game Brick Hill I enjoy it 27th Jul 2020
Layout was pretty cool but then went offline, pretty sad. 15th Sep 2020
Lip brick hill brick hll 23rd Sep 2020
Clockson Negativity yeet 27th Sep 2020
RamonGamer Good Guy. Made Brickhill 26th Oct 2020
Xpr6 brick hill guy he made brick hill coolest game ever 4th Nov 2020
amazingapple This is cooolest 21st Nov 2020