"Received a trade with Snake Eye from a user they promised not to trade with, instead offering to buy the item from them. After buying it, this user also accepted the trade which caused the other user to lose both of their Snake Eyes when the original deal had been for only one."


"Gained unauthorised access to a number of accounts and stole their special items."


"The scammer gambled with real Brick-Hill specials in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with the victim in a attempt to take the victim's specials. When the scammer lost, the scammer did not give the victim any Brick-Hill specials and tried to cheap out of the deal the scammer made."


"This scammer has scammed two people. The first crime was the scammer attempted to steal special items by tricking the user into giving the scammer special items for the answers to the Linear Gift and the user sold two Mars Rangers and a Failed Target Practice (first screenshot). The second crime is that the scammer guilt tripped the victim about a very disturbing topic in order to make the victim feel sad about them and get a special off them for free. (second to last screenshot).""


"Accepted advance payment for a job in a clan and then left the clan without refunding the payment."

Team GB

"Attempted to steal a users bits and telling them that they would receive a Golden Fedora."


"Initially requested to borrow an item then requested it be used for a giveaway (which he never held) and refused to return it before deleting his Discord account and all the messages he sent to the user who lent him the item."


"Falsely claimed to another user that he could get him unbanned, in return for items."


"Asked to borrow items from another user under suspicious circumstances in order to get on the rich list but then refused to return the items."


"Borrowed brick-luke's Fedora from another user, claiming it was for an outfit, and then not did not return it to the owner."


"Claimed to duplicate special items in order to scam a user."


"Blackmailed another user in order to obtain items."


"Scammed Brick Planet items by claiming to be another user."

Optimus Prime