"The scammer made a forum post saying if you bought a shirt from him, he would draw you. Many people fell for this and bought the shirt; at the end, no one was drawn."

Imma Rage Quit

"When this scammer asked an unsuspecting user to borrow their items, the user was skeptical at first. Eventually, the scammer was able to manipulate the user into letting him borrow their stuff. When the items were sent, they sold the items, never returning them."

Ghost Face

"Scammer borrowed a special from the victim and promised to give it back but when asked to return the special, the Scammer moved the Special onto a alt and threatened to give them away if he does not get more specials."


"The scammer made a thread asking if they could borrow a special. The victim gave the special to the scammer and never got it back as promised."


"The scammer first gained trust by impersonating the victims friend, then the scammer asks to borrow an item from the victim; but at the end, the scammer doesn't return the special back as promised."


"This scammer hosted a fake giveaway and instead of giving the prize to the winner, he asks for his accounts password which this is a made up lie to compromise the victims account."


"This user asked 80 bucks for a party crown stack. The victim gave the bucks to the scammer, but the scammer never gave the victim the item even though the scammer promised."

Mr Top Hat

"This user asked 80 bucks for 3 skull masks. The victim gave the bucks to the scammer, after the scammer claimed the bucks: the scammer doesn't give the skull masks."


"The scammer created an alternative account to mislead others into donating specials which the scammer moved to his main account."


"Scammer messaged the victim claiming that if they give their Brick-Hill account details, the scammer will give them a "2006 account" in return."

Lord Clout

"This user makes an alternative account to borrow a special temporarily. Instead, when the scammer obtains the special the scammer keeps ignoring the victim and doesn't give the special back."


"The scammer messaged the victim to borrow their special temporary in which the scammer did not return it as promised; instead they started to make lies in order to not return the item back to the victim's inventory leading up to the special being sold due to buy requests."


"This user is the main account of the scammer called "LimitedTimeFlex". LimitedTimeFlex asked another user to borrow an item, after gaining the item he then decides to trade it to another user and claim it was an accident. Our team thought that this could have been an alternative account so we decided to IP check them to see if they were linked or not. It turned out that the accounts were linked."


"The scammer borrowed an item from the victim promising to give it back, when suddenly the scammer claimed his account got hacked which in reality he traded away the victim's item."


"This user attempted to steal accounts by messaging users saying that their account was hacked, and they needed to send the password to get it back."


"Scammed Brick Planet items by claiming to be another user."

Optimus Prime

"This user asked to borrow a special item, attempting to guilt trip an unsuspecting user by saying they have depression, after an hour later they had claimed to be hacked which was completely untrue. This user did not return the item to the original owner."


"After asking to borrow an item on their alt(s), the item was sent to them, then transferred to their main account with the intent of keeping it rather than returning it."


"This user asked to borrow an item. The item was sent after this user showed proof of borrowing items and returning them before. After the trade was accepted, the item was placed on an alt and not returned to the original owner."


"The scammer messaged the victim to ask if they could borrow 20 bucks and wear the Cardboard Basil that they own in which the victim agreed to, but the scammer never returned the item or paid back the 20 bucks when the victim asked to take it back and his alternate accounts are .special storage. and rhombus."


"Although this user returned the bucks in the end, they still claimed to have been cookie logged by an IP logger, in which they transferred their items to an alternative account, which they had then asked for donations off of unsuspecting users who helped them out."


"User attempted to get access to another users account by claiming said account was compromised and needed to send them the password and email in order to recover it."

c x

"The scammer asks the victim to borrow a special from them, after gaining the special; the scammer starts to claim that they've been hacked and the scammer doesn't return the special at the end."


"This user asked to borrow muke crown, after gaining trust by borrowing and returning the diving helmet with the victim. After receiving muke crown he refused to return it for a while. After receiving extreme backlash from the community he returned the muke crown in exchange for an item worth around 2k more than the dairy splash was originally supposed to give back. Although vitality returned the muke crown, he didn't return the extra value he requested until a later period of time."


"User attempted to scam another user by saying they'll protect their password and items, they used multiple other accounts to speak to the victim and had advised that the Password Protector account they used to message most of the time on was legitimate and trustworthy, though that turned out to be a lie in the end to try and steal authorisation of the account."


"User attempted to scam others by promising free bucks after someone buys their shirt. The shirt was bought and the bucks were not given."


"User attempted to trick people out of their bits or bucks by setting up a fake lottery in which unsuspecting users purchased a shirt in the exciting anticipation of winning the prize which was a supposed 20k bucks, however that turned out to be a complete lie, hence showing the user tricked and scammed these unfortunate users. In addition he tried to bribe NitroSense to take him off the scammer list."


"User had used an alternative account to sell a t-shirt that's advertised as a '3D Model Glitch', evidentially stealing bits or bucks from unsuspecting users who expected the intended product they were given with."