Golden Bok

Ice Bat Helm of Unforgiving Frost

Gentleman Face

Basil's Bat Helm

Greened Out Fedora

Wizord's Hat of Ten-Thousand Sorcerers

Devil Smile

Gingerbread Man Face

Golden Bat Helm of Excellence

brick-luke's Golden Fedora

Noob Alert

brick-luke's Fedora

Count Blockula's Cape

Head of Considerable Length

Royal Crown of Cynicism

Golden Fedora of Economic Collapsion

Rotten Egg

Blue Top Hat

Muke's Crown of the Second Dimension

Gingerbread Head

Radioactive Bat Helm of Instability

blueham's Bedazzling Titfer

Samurai Katana

Pink Wolf Ears

Mythical's Astral Topper

fighterfist’s Visage of the Sphinx