Golden Bok

Gentleman Face

Ice Bat Helm of Unforgiving Frost

Greened Out Fedora

Basil's Bat Helm

brick-luke's Fedora

Wizord's Hat of Ten-Thousand Sorcerers

Head of Considerable Length

Rotten Egg

Devil Smile

Blue Top Hat

Count Blockula's Cape

Gingerbread Man Face

Golden Fedora of Economic Collapsion

Noob Alert

Royal Crown of Cynicism

Purple Party Crown

Plague Doctor

Bat Lord's Smile

Smooth Criminal

Gingerbread Head

Sausage Head

Ice-Cream Cone

Radioactive Bat Helm of Instability

Diving Helmet

Samurai Katana

Blushing Face

blueham's Bedazzling Titfer

Golden Rose

Poor Man's Bok

Golden Top Hat

Failed Target Practice

Recycled Bat Helm

Classic Fool's Jester Cap

Sir Brickalot's Helm

Hood of the Reaper

Gangsta Luke Chains

Golden Headphones

Santa's Beard

Sir Brickalot's Sword

Binary Shades

Wizard Hat of Crimson Potions

Wizord's Wand of Ten-Thousand Spells

Red Top Hat

Fool's Money Bag

Uncle Sam's Top Hat

Ghost Costume

Wine of Montblock

Classic Jungle Hat

Wad of Bucks

Bricksetti Shades

Grandfather Face

Black Party Crown

Wilted Rose

Happy Mexican

Batlord's Cape

Pimpin' Fedora

Skeleton Trumpet

Samurai Helmet

Green Party Crown

Panama Hat

Yellow Party Crown

Orange Party Crown

Cheap Thug

Shrunken Head

Space Commander

Crown of Roses

Uncle Sam's Grin

brick-luke's Red Velvet Fedora

White Rabbit

Spooky Jester's Cap

Hacked Lampshade

Relaxed Face

French Girl

Spooky Cap

Makeshift Witch Hat

Liberty Crown

Astronaut Brick Buddy

Malevolent Clown Face

Dairy Splash

Brickster Bot

Special Sign

Brick Buddy

Patchwork Scarecrow

Flower Hat

Mars Ranger

Striped Party Hat

Fancy Brick Buddy

Ghastly Scythe

Zombie Fedora

Patriotic Brick Buddy

Halloween Party Hat

Cornucopia Hat